Cup Day Ride next year??

Cycling Tips are doing it properly!!

Melbourne Cup Roadtrip | Cycling Tips

Would love to do this (bags not driving!)

What a load of contrived crap, same rubbish “Rapha Australia” came up with last year, That site can ram it as far as I’m concerned.

Edit, I’m holding back here as to not offend people :wink:

hahahahaha, not keen then chris?

i’m not interested in taking epic photos of this ride, or wearing all rapha to do it (you’ve seen my jerseys!), but some of the roads they take sound pretty damn good. i’d also love to do a ride with a sweet support car :wink:


Cycling road trip? its an oxymoron.

Ditch the car and make it a tour.

i want to know who it was that volunteered to nanny those guys for 5 days! why?!

JVA said it best: Jahvahaah Internationale |

But as noted above: why not just do a tour? I guess yr Rapha™ might get a bit dirty, but surely that’s more Epic™ than having a team of soigneurs in cars following along.

Edit: just noticed comments are closed on the CT blog post. Too many people slagging off Rapha™. LOL™.

yeah, think of all the branding!

Rapha panniers! rapha aeropress! rapha titanium cookware. . . .

fuck touring but.

There’s a beardo inside you just biding his time, Jamesy.

Nice photos but as noted too much fucking rapha.

I can only see Rapha written once or twice? and what if it’s there favourite kit? I must be missing something…

But I agree, having a support car makes the ride less epic, and makes one pretty beta car driver. He is their bitch by the sound of it…

i don’t really give a shit how “epic” the ride is, i just wanna ride sweet roads on my roadie without having to worry about carrying a bag etc! i have a tourer for riding trips or whatever, but sounds like these roads would take a while to reach without a car to ferry you through the shit bits.

and y’know what, chances are the roads are probably pretty good to drive on, so if someone wanted to pay me to do it, and i didn’t give a shit about cycling, i’d probably do that too.

imagine how good some of the rides you do would be without the crap in between your house and the good stuff!! dandenongs/kinglake etc…

As lame as it is, this is what keeps me from riding sometimes. I hate getting to and from kinglake, and same with the dandies. It’s so tedious.

TC - i’ve never done the dandenongs coz people have said getting there is shit. it’s on my to do list though.

I would love to ride some of those roads.

But I actually wouldn’t mind driving them either. I love a good drive.

If I don’t have to pay for petrol I’ll help you out next year Rolly. I have a small sports wagon and some roof racks.

^ Yeah fuck riding let’s make this FOA Targa!


the rad cycling roads around victoria are also rad driving roads…if someone gives me the keys to (insert any vehicle that isn’t a 4x4 or land barge) and says to drive a bunch of dudes and bikes to x and meet them at y at z time, i’d be on it in a heartbeat. the time between x and z i’d be off enjoying the country roads to their fullest.

There is a bike path that goes to the 1 in 20. I have never ridden the whole way. But I’ve been told it’s pretty sweet.

there’s enough revheads on this forum to actually make this happen!!

the dudes with their rx3’s/rx7’s etc, dylan with his mx5, moccos with his hot hatch, and no doubt many others with sweet older cars ready to rumble up and down some mountains. maybe we could even get ian_humanXx to come along in his pimpmobile to scare off any locals that may wanna fight us! spirito in his alfa…

Shit I’m out. Too much maths.