Curly Fornicator

Hey. Had the Creamroller for nearly two years now and I finally feel it’s the ride I’ve hoped it to be.

Monday saw it dressed in my dream wheel set - Mavic Open Pros laced to black, high flange Phil Woods. They live up to the hype. It’s a like riding a new bicycle.

I’ve experimented with three sets of bars and stem combos, finally settling on a comfy stem reach and rise courtesy of Ritchey and Soma Noah’s Arc bars (chanks JLN)

Pedals are MKS Sylvans, MKS alpha double straps

Surly decals as some would know didn’t last too long, so I got creative with the Dymo labelling gun.

Future plans? Phil Wood bottom bracket, Paul Components crank set.

love the labels and last photo angle! nice build

looks great. the last two pictures are great angles. gives a good perspective

is this always locked up out the front of ligertwood?

Yeah that’s the one. I live in the law library.

image site is blocked at work :frowning:

yeah been more than a few times ive arrived at 9am, left quite late and I still see it there. I’ll say hi if I see you by it


I had high hopes for then it turned out to be some lame web 1.0 site ;_;

Cool bike though!

Thanks for the feedback. It’s not exactly a horn frame, but one day the parts will make their way onto something worth giving me horn. A Vanilla frame lives in my dreams at least for a few more years.

looks good gerard, and at least you ride your beast, unlike mine :stuck_out_tongue: