Current groupset on an old steely.

Arghh I know this isn’t fixed related, but I know some of you can help me out.

Problem #1: I have a clamp on front deraileur that’s 32mm, now my seat tube OD is about 28.9mm. Can this be easily shimmed?

Problem #2: I got a new wheel set that has a campy 9/10/11 hub, now why doesn’t my new campy 10 speed cassette fit?

Thanks guyssseee

Ok forget problem 2, I was sent a shimano free hub. Fuuuuuuuuuu you ribble. The also sent me a black rear derailleur when I ordered a effing silver one!!!

Yes. You can get different sized shims made for this purpose. Check eBay or your LBS.

Or just sell the 31.8 and buy a 28.9mm one. The front deraileur is the cheapest part of the groupset after all…

Its getting hard to find 28.6 (what a steel seat tube OD should be) band-clamp FD’s now. Even Shimano’s 28.6 “clamp adapter” is a unit that fits a 31.8 and comes with a few shims. They’re neat enough though. And yes, they fit Campy clamps.

I don’t know if it’s true but I’ve been told that Shimano no longer make 28.6mm FDs.

I heard the same. I’m guarding my clamps and shims with my life from here on in.

Yeah sorry, I used a tape measure and my bung eye to get 28.9 OD measurement. Really should invest in some vernier calipers. Ill keep a look out for the shims, ribble weren’t helpful with my problem regarding sending me incorrect items, they wont pay for return shiping and I can’t wait that long, so I just ordered a campy freewheel for my pro-lite hub and a silver RD. Anyone wanna buy a black veloce RD and a shimano free wheel for a pro-lite mercano hub? :slight_smile:

You can still get aftermarket clamps and use a braze-on derailleur.