Current Project: Nambei NJS

Currently en route to my hot little hands from Japan. Much excite, been wanting an NJS for many years.

Bit unsure how I want to build it up… any ideas?

At the moment I’m thinking Suzue Pro Max disco hubs (where can I find these new?) laced to box section rims (TB14, Araya?), Zen is a must, and Jag/Nitto B809aa combo. On my current bike I already have Sugino 75s, Nitto Pearl and S65 seatpost so would ideally like something different. Might get some DA cranks, but that means no Zen :frowning: Going to try and hunt down an old Flite saddle too.

Hot. Don’t stuff this with TB14’s get your hands on some Araya’s

This looks very cool :wink:

you can get Suzue’s from NJS Export - where you got the frame from based on that pic. I had some laced to TB14’s, then DA 7600 to TB14’s, and now relacing my DA 7600/Araya Gold to the new Araya RC540 clinchers. Hoshi DB spokes. Do it once, do it right (unlike me) lol

Will be rad.

aww yes, lovely.

I know you can get them from NJS export, but they’re generally pretty scratched/worn. Pretty sure I can get some new ones through work anyway. The RC540s look really nice, will probably go with those!

nice frame.
if you want a challenge, use all NJS stamped Campagnolo parts. By doing so, this bike will surely stand out from all the NJS builds out there already.

Campy NJS chainrings, cogs, BB and seatposts are all sitting on eBay right now…

Campagnolo NJS | eBay

Do it.

and make you look about 10 years behind the times …

Good luck finding the headset! It’s a silly task scenes as the regular c-rec is the same stuff anyways.
I’ve seen a shop put the NJS campy on non-NJS frame and I felt a little angry about it.

Let me know if you can get new. As far as i’'m aware, Suzue stopped making hubs years (decades?) ago.

omg. i stand corrected. Suzue Pro Max SB track hubs | Retrogression

my favourite hubs ever. I wish i never sold the set i had.

SCV Imports stocks the reproduction of the hubs. Visually the same but now with cartridge bearings. So pretty much any shop would be able to get them in for you.

I was thinking these…

Yep, SCV is the Australian distributor so I can get some shiny new ones. Stoked!

Dat disc, mmm. Really don’t like the look of Super Aeros, 90% sure I will be going for RC-540s instead.