Curve Belgie

So a while ago my beloved WSD Trek Madone was stolen! It was horrible, but thanks to the nice guys at Bike Gallery I had a new build in no time. This bike is amazing in every way, so balanced, so fast and so good to climb with.

The Build List!
Curve Belgie 54cm Titanium frame
Chris King headset
ENVE Road 2.0 Fork
100mm ENVE stem
40cm ENVE compact bars
ENVE seatpost
ENVE Garmin mount
Thomson seatpost collar
Titanium King cages
Dura Ace 9000 mechanical group
Dura Ace pedals
Dura Ace C35 clinchers
Continental GP4000 tyres
SMP Lite 209 saddle

Also, if anyone ever tries to sell you or a lady you know a womens specific bike, talk them out of it. The geo is wack, uncomfortable and terrible to climb with. By all means get a comfy saddle and the right stem length but once that is sorted get a ‘mens’ bike and be quick!

Marianne by Luke Markof, on Flickr

Stance by Luke Markof, on Flickr

Cockpit by Luke Markof, on Flickr

Chevrons by Luke Markof, on Flickr

Belgie by Luke Markof, on Flickr

C35 by Luke Markof, on Flickr

IMG_0552.JPG by Luke Markof, on Flickr

Very nice! I love that you put a mechanical group on it.

Oh wow. That’s niiiiiice.

Bangarang. I love those OS head tubes with the King head set… woof

This is heaps better than Luke’s. :smiley:

That’s interesting, we were discussing women’s bikes here:

Looks slightly unassuming. Very nice.

Is the bike named Marianne?

Thanks for the link. I agree that men’s and women’s bodies are different in that men are generally taller and women generally have longer torsos. But the only difference that this should make on the bike is seat post height and stem length. I don’t understand why in WSD road bikes some manufacturers have a higher stem position or “relaxed” geo. I need to get aero and go fast just as much as men!!!

And you should.

You got an insta account??

:slight_smile: stephanieyoung1984 is my insta!

This is rad.

i want one! very nice