Custom building in melbourne?

Hey guys i was just wondering if there is a shop in melbourne where if i requested a colour scheme and a price range that they custom make a fixie for me??
And also im thinking of spending $500 (650 at MAXIMUM) <—keep that in mind.
Thanks in advanced :wink:

custom fixie frame?


you talking custom fixie as in complete bike…

Because i dont think either of them are realistic at your price range.

Go buy an 2nd hand SE Lager + Can of Spray paint.


Check up on those Cell Fixie’s they were like $500ish :? and pretty cool looking


Read the 1000 previous threads of newbies to the forums and find out how they went about building there first bike. There is plenty of information on here.

Okay thanks for the information, very helpful.
I have looked through quite abit of the forums and the net in general and am finding it hard to find a detailed tutorial into building a fixie from a frame etc.
Also have a fear of buying the wrong parts and knowing what sizes to buy etc. So if you know of any sites that could help that would be very apprieciated.

Also forgot to ask if knew any good stores/spots to find cheap yet good parts! Ta

Cheap and good very rarely go together in the same sentence.

Google sheldon brown

That is what i was talkin about from cell bikes. They’re sold out.

They got a new model coming out called the “mall3t”.
I suggest getting one. provided they are pretty much the same as the cell cingle.
You can spray paint the bike yourself any custom colour, the parts will fit straight back on and black parts go with anything colour frame…

this kind of springs to mind when you’re talking about parts…

I’m sure if you waited an eternity, eventually you’d get bargains on everything… I think there’s only the other two options though, realistically :DD

‘parts’ goes: “reliable - cheap - light - pick any 2.”

‘girlfriends’ goes “sane - attractive - intelligent - pick any 2.”

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Fast Cheap and Dangerous sounds like a trailer for a Russ Meyer film.


Is that a polo reference? ye gods

i got a cell cingle for sale if anyone’s interested.

try here:

custom made, any colour you want, you don’t have to do any thinking whatsoever!
and easily under $500.

(note: i have no affiliation with aforementioned company - this is not an ad.)

K mart now open in Moonee ponds.


best response ever.