Custom chrome build up

Just thought i would post some pics of the latest build that I have done. Mostly jsut used for doing skids and such things.

retro stickers to come soon. Build kit is Thomson, Omniums, King headset and the usual b43 and schwalbe combo

nicely done…b43’s set it off

really clean

Post a closeup of those fluro spokes :slight_smile:

they are snap on covers that well sell a pack for at about $8 or so.

They look FANTASTIC :mrgreen:

ps you’ll need some pedals too

something about black and chrome…rad


was this your own paint job? curious to know what type of paint you’ve used.
looks awesome

Custom chrome build up

special chrome paint :roll:

Looks fuckin mintox tho, I’d probably end up crashing such a lovely ride looking down all the time at all the CHROME

its chrome dipped. so its not really paint and it seems to be super tough so far. Cost about $450 for frame and forks through

How much and where for the chrome dip, or did it come like that?

call bikeculture 95934933 takes 3 - 4 weeks and will quote on what you need done.

snap on covers you say?? where, when and how much did u get them for?! thats a wickid idea

Nice work there, I really like the look of chrome frame + black wheels, I’ve been considering that combo for a possible Starfuckers Xenon frame that I may or may not be buying as a birthday present to myself! The fluoro spoke covers look really trick as well, I might have to investigate and see whether I can get spokes powdercoated in colours like those!

i havent got spokes done before but believe it is possible if you have a spoke cutter and threading tool. As far as fluro’s for powder coat. most places don’t do it as they only use dulux colours but if you buy your own powder (from who knows where) most will do it for you.