Custom Columbus Max Colossi

Here is my ride. Custom track frame courtesy of Mr Jan Kole [Colossi]. This frame was custom made for me for the Joyride in late 2010. I originally had it built up with parts i had floating around at the time and SLX forks. It was an amazing bike to ride from Melbourne to Brisbane! Very comfortable in all conditions we encountered. The max forks have really tightened up the front end, making the bike alot more aggressive. I am loving it, very happy with the build.

Frame: Custom Colossi Columbus Max [54sq]
Forks: Columbus Max 1" threaded.

Headset: Tange Levin njs
Stem: Nitto Pearl 11 njs
Handlebars: Nitto ADB-125 [40cm] Velo Orange Perforated Leather Tape

Seatpost: Nitto Crystal Fellow
Saddle: San Marco Concor Sprint [Recovered by Busyman Cycles]

Bottom Bracket: Phil Wood
Cranks: Sugino 75 njs [165mm]
Chainring: Sugino 75 njs [48t]
Chain: Izumi
Cog: Phil Wood 17t

Pedals: White Industries Urban Pedal
Cages: XL Black Plastic Cages
Straps: Cadence Double Straps + Cadence Doublizer

Wheelset: Mavic Ellipse 2011
Rubber: Continental Super Sport 23c [R] + Continental Supersonic Grand Prix 20c [F]


And that, kids, is pure porn. In most countries it’s illegal it’s so sexy.

So sexy I posted twice.


the frame is fucking amazing! that seat has such a wing too! reminds me of a hyundai excel with an unnecessary huge spoiler, but better!

I enjoy looking at this bike.
It’s not how I would have built up aa frame like so, but thinking about it, I guess mine would be very tacky, especially by comparison.

Hot damn. That is very fucking nice!

More photos please!

bout time gypo!

and fukkin sexxayyy

those forks just finish it off =D

ps, love what you did with the seat, did you just carve out some foam?

I would guess you would need to use thin sheets of pvc for that.
Just a guess.

A freind of mine did the logo, turned the Cinelli flying ‘C’ into a ‘G’. Then Mick [busyman cycles] did what he does best. His work is amazing, that saddle was well rooted when i sent it to him.

Will get some better photo’s. I ain’t a photographer, but i know someone who is.

That is an amazing job. I’ve been a bit jealous of you since I saw a wejoyride clip with you on that. Now I’m even more so.
Gypsy, when you’re done with it, dibs.

oh god, the triple triangle… brilliant

Even better in the flesh.

Sigh… This is amazing.

How to I get in contact with Jan to order one!?

Absolutely gorgeous!

Top build

Awesome, loving the fillet brazing and the paint and well everything really.

fuck. this is pure sex.

WOW was looking at the Gear Website yesterday …

Now to save coin for Custom frame

Perfect Build

So. Bloody. Nice! This thing is absolutely brilliant. Gets my vote for F.O.A bike of the year.

How much does one of these bad boys set ya back?