Custom Eddy Merckx stem and brake levers.


i love this style of design. and this looks amazing.

I’m more into the Drillium saddle…

Is there any science to that drilling pattern or do they just have at it until they’re afraid to drill any more?

My arse would look like a very unappetising waffle after an hour on that :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it looks crap In a perfect world Eddy Merckx would kill the mofo’s that desecrated his panto stem or at least sick Chuck Norris onto him/her.

It’s gaudy and inelegant, whereas the beauty of a bicycle comes from it’s simplicity and functional design. :roll:… a world full of frilly bike parts and owners obsessed with the appearance over function. I call it rubbish. A bike is just a bike … it’s beauty should be apparent without trying to make it appear like something from a Tiffany catalogue.

OTOH … drillium is cool. Stupid in some respects but nonetheless cool.

drillium is cool! just learnt of it in this thread. check some of these:

Drilling and milling parts in the old school style is traditional bike porn. Enjoy !!