Custom Jerseys in Sydney

My work is organising a team for the Sydney > Gong ride later this year, and are looking into getting custom jerseys made.

Being a typical frugal business, they do not want to spend much, nor are the requirements very complex.

Does anyone have any ideas where in sydney (or elsewhere) have a decently priced service for cycling jerseys with company logo printed on it?

Champ system is one of the cheapest around and they do small runs. Plus the jerseys still look good after a few washes
Gong ride is a bit narly been out there with 15000 wobblie super commuters and once a year warriors is a bit dicey at speed on the fast and often greasy roads…

Yeh I’m aware of the wobblies.

The other thing is the quantity is VERY small, probably no more than ten.

Google champ sys they do numbers down to 5 I think and the quality it pretty good.

You should join us on saturday for the second running of the hardman winter classic.

Nemesis - they are absolutely brilliant. Do any quantity (even one offs) and have really good quality stuff (fine details are what makes it worth while, like double paneling on the arse of knicks so the bloke behind yuo can’t see what you had for lunch). It is in melbourne but they do interstate orders. They did the fyxo kit that everyone seems to be happy about. IMO much better quality than champ sys and easy to deal with.

I would - but I have sydney saturday in design open day on the 20th, to get drunk at and gorge on free canapes all day.

Good to know!!

We will see, Im guessing $70 per jersey might be about the maximum we can spend, otherwise I might approach rocketfuel for some caps to be made instead.

$70 is pretty good just make sure the design is cool so you want to continue wearing it… Then the extra coin is totally worth it!

System jerseys are 76, Nemesis are 96.

Our company colour is a bright orange, with a decent looking logo so I’d probably wear it again, maybe we could split the cost 50/50 with them, and get the nemesis ones, they look a fair bit better (and i have heard good reviews)

Get Rabobank or Euskatel-Euskadi jerseys and pin the logo over the top.

Nemesis zips are super agricultural. Maybe they’ve changed them though.

Smart idea, my morning krew wants to do a jersey but we’re stuck at the name Gona look at getting the nemisis jerseys if we ever get our shit together

That’s one of the major things i like about the jerseys, a lot easier to undo / do up while riding. the comfort of the FYXO latest tops are IMO one of the nicest going around i should get them to do a Z team inspired kit for team snail :wink:

edit. only my personal opinion though.

Fit-wise i prefer my champ-sys knicks, jersey fit is a close race. quality wise i like my nemesis kit. there are those from HellKrew who hate the fit of their champ-sys knicks/jersey though.

the higher quality champ-sys stuff can look more PRO/aero (the no bottom hem knicks are sweet) but i suspect it wont last as well as nemesis. the nemesis zips are oversized/overstated, but work well.

champ-sys were great to deal with and i believe their turnaround is faster (but cant prove that).