Custom paint jobs on helmets

I’m in the market for a new helmet and was thinking about getting a basic black pro-tec style one and having someone do a custom paint job on it (I saw a motorcycle helmet the other week with an insane zombie design on it).
Just wanted to check if this is even possible as I noticed the finish on a this helmet is very different to a standard pro-tec one and figured it’d be handy to know if this is a possibility before I go ahead and ruin a perfectly good new helmet.

Also if anyone knows of someone in SA who is does this kind of work, that’d be sweet.

There is a guy on Farkin that custom sprayed DH helmets - he lives in NSW though, but he made this ‘how to’ thread:

Helmet painting article.

User "chupa-chups " used to do sign writing or some such and had a custom printed wrap (of a chupa chup wrapper of course) on his skate style helmet.
It looked pretty sweet (no pun intended) and you wouldn’t have to worry about masking or the paint attackeing the shell or lining of the helmet.

chupa-chups = jorge lorenzo!!! awesome…

Any airbrush artist should be able to do it.

Sun Graphics - Custom Airbrushed bicycle frames and accessories, restorations and repairs.

omar? if so, he also helped with turbo mckenzie’s tartan BT.

Yeah it was Omar, I only remembered the “Chupa-Chups” (chilean flavour) on his helmet

Was it a Giro Remedy?

The bloke that used to run the shop that HMC works (worked?) at used to send helmets up to Arnhem Land or somewhere to get Aboriginal dot paintings done on them. I thought they were kind of cool but never got around to having it done.