Custom TT/Pursuit - Track/Road - Columbus Air - Brazed/Webbed

interesting and awesome at the same time

Custom Colin Laing Pursuit Road / Track Bike | eBay

I’d NJS-walk the sh1t out of that thing.

So Rad, been watching this for a while. It’s my size too! wish i had the cash and that he shipped to Aus

There’s ways around both of those obstacles…

I know a few dudes in Michigan who may be able to help.

Laing is a master builder, journeyman and true artisan. A Pom who moved to the states, Arizona or Colorado last I heard. His frames are much prized and true collector items. I’m quite surprised this ebay bike wasn’t snapped up as it’s really quite unique in many ways.

A few years ago Colin made the following post on a different forum … (snipped)

Just so people know, the bike you ride may or may not have been made by
the guy who’s name graces the down tube.

In the past 54 years, I have made bikes for the following brands …
Sandy Gilchrist, Ken Ellerker, Pete Matthews, Sid Barras, Ottadini
Cycles, Jack Taylor, Bryan Bliss, Criteria Cycles, Plus there was a
smattering of “Brown Wrappers” for Raleigh Pro team under Peter
Post…Peugeot Pro Team, Ron Kitching and of course Ludo Van
Ijseghem…obviously COLIN LAING, Le Colin, Colian and Laing Racing
Cycles…all this spanning well over 12500 frames.

For the record I repaired many frames post crashes which included
Confente, Eisentraut and Dave Moulton…and can say without a doubt that
Dave’s and Albert’s came out on top under the paintwork, and method of
construction…thanks for listening … I won’t be making many more … maybe
less than a dozen as I have Muscular Dystrophy and becoming a very old
man… sincerely… COLIN LAING

Another one here for the tall gent.