Custom Vinyl Decals - Help?

Does anyone here on fixed have a lead on a (Melbourne) company that can create vinyl decals suitable for my current project?

I’ve had success getting only one company to return a call/email and they want to charge $100++

I’ve created all the artwork (i’m a designer, it’s done right) I just need a printer. Does anyone work for a printing house that can sneak my artwork in with another job? There is cash and/or beer in it for you! And love - lots of man love.

And cyclomondo-thingo eBay guy has been contacted. He has not replied. :cry:

have used him before, good job and cheap

Thanks, i’ll drop him an email.

Just buy the stuff and make them yourself. :slight_smile:

If you have got a printer that prints with white ink I can borrow - I’d glady do them myself :stuck_out_tongue:

But thanks for the link :smiley:

Buy the white stuff and print with red.

Would be fine if I had big blocks to cut around, but the elite logo I want printed has some fine parts to it which would be a bitch to cut around - and even if I did, would easily peel off unless clear coated somehow.

I have considered it, and I may be forced to go down that route but I’d like to try get it done professionally first.

I used about a year ago for this bike

but was fairly expensive :frowning:

Thanks, contacted those guys for a quote too.

VeloCals did my waterslides, but he can do very thin vinyl as well. You may need to send a few emails to show you are interested!
he is highly rated (apart from his slow response)

I work as a designer for a signage company here in Canberra, we do vinyl decals in house.
PM me cos I could prob help you out.

mark at is melbs based. he advertised on BNA forum a while back.

any update on this?
i might be after a set with the discovery of my frame (most likely) being a ricardo elite :smiley:

Nothing worth reporting.

I may have to abandon my dream of clear stickers with red & white ink in favour of a solid background. Waiting on a PM reply from toodles (nudge) and I need to send some artwork off to but I don’t think they can produce want I need.

I’ll keep ya posted.

why don’t you two combine your artwork on one A4 page and get it done by Velocals (above).
He does the waterslide like it is supposed to be done, base layer of the artwork white ( to mask frame colour) then colour on top, including silver and gold metallic.
My A4 artwork had many sets of backups in case of problems with applying.
The $US exchange rate makes it very attractive to get the real thing.

how much $$$ we talkin

mine A4 sheet was $US35 and $US14 for shipping (May 09)

No reply from Velocals yet - but I hear that waterslide wont adhere to powdercoat very well, thats why I’m after vinyl.

he does thin vinyl as well, it might take a few emails before he stirs