Custom Vinyl Lettering

been looking at some custom vinyl lettering made.

so far ive been mucking around at Turns out about $10 a word (30mm x 200mm), plus postage about $8.

Just want to know if anyone has got them anywhere else? cheaper? better? maybe a bigger range of fonts?

want to see what else i can find before i try going with those guys.

or if someone is in the business, then that would be sweeeet.

cheers jase.

what you after? i’ve got some shit vinyl and a cutter.

I could help you with this… send me a PM

Sign-a-rama can do stuff real cheap if you haggle… or buy a vinyl cutter, or talk to these blokes.

thanks for those offering help, i came across so have literally been trawling through each and every free font i can, incredible source!

figured once i know what i want i can get some pro help.

cheers fellas