Cutting fork steerer and handlebars

How do peeps cut down their fork steerers and handlebars? I note Park Tool have a clamp guide which I guess is pretty essential. The metal saw is the easy part.
Pipe clamp as a cheap alternative?

measure twice, wrap bar with a bit of masking tape to make sure your cut is straight

Cut with a 32TPI hacksaw blade

clean up with a file

angle grinder?

measure 5 times,

drink 3 cans,


too short.

part out bike and give up.

Or come to my house and you can use my park guide and vice

I have a chinois knockoff of the Park one, cost me about ten bucks on ebay some years ago. I use it for cutting any round thing that will fit in its hole. Mates borrow it all the time.

Have one of these:

And one of these:

Or what BrakeFree said.

Handlebars? Is ‘flop and chop’ back in fashion?

A pipe cutter is the easiest way to squarely trim your bars down (Assuming you’re talking about alloy MTB bars here?), then tidy up with a file.

A guide or two crappy stems plus some tape for the steerer. Special blades for carbon steerers, perhaps take it to a shop with experience if you lack the tools and confidence.

Yeah I’ll chop down my MTB handlebars myself but I think I’ll get someone to help me with the steerer. Not something you want to fuck up. Whoops, there goes my $600.00 Reba fork…

Don’t use cheap nasty pipe cutters. They never cut straight.

I’ve got a foolproof method for cutting carbon steerers - I get Dan to do it for me :slight_smile:

My pipe cutter is neither cheap nor nasty. It comes from a time when quality was king.
Will be using it to cut down the steerer on my Reba 29ers when they arrive :stuck_out_tongue:


parks guild and a 32 t hacksaw…

the parks guild can be used to cut rizzors too…

with carbon steerer tubes…
use a new fine tooth hacksaw blade, if you have only used the said blade for cutting carbon then it doesn’t have to be new.

for carbon steerers you can wrap them in tape or score the tube all the way around with your hacksaw so when you cut through the tube in the end you’ve already cut the outer layer of carbon and don’t pull any fibres out of the tube and damage it. Also don’t use much pressure let the teeth do the work and take your time…

and dribble a little water on to lubricate the cut and keep the (nasty CF and resin) dust under control.

Read in many places that a diamond tooth blade is the go. Park tool saw guide maybe?

Didn’t you know? Kanye is a member of the Park Tool Guild. Kinda like the Stonecutters, but they worship Tullio & Graftek instead and their secret tattoo is the Extralite logo & the secret handshake mimics weighing your bike on some fish scales.

that wouldn’t be a silly idea… the carbon dust is very bad for you
i just cut em out side, you get a lot of black dust from even one steerer.

haha my spelling is shocking sorry…
there is this bad boy if you want the pimping setup

Carbocut : Effetto Mariposa

shhhh its a secert

To keep carbon dust at bay I place a shop vac next to the guide when I am cutting. Sugarkane is spot on about cutting carbon fibre you kind of file it down slowly rather than cut it if you rip into it you will start delamanations which can cause failure later. Two different carbon repairers I have spoken to have told me they file/sand down forks rather than cut to stop delamanations.

if you’ve got to cut off a lot, eg; on a new fork, is it suggested that a good, slow, clean cut be made, and then sanding/filing down to final length? machine sanding a carbon steerer doesn’t seem like the best idea, too many rpm? and sanding down any more than a millimetre would take a fair chink of your day