CX at the Farm - May 28-29 2016

Looks fun:

Would be pretty keen to just go camp for the weekend and watch.

Yep. Would be cool to have a bit of a Canberra crew going up there. I reckon I can make that weekend.

This sounds awesome! 100% in. Who’s driving?

I’m keen, want a lift?

We can all compare our camping gear IRL - Pete: you in?

This sounds really rad.

Definitely heading to this.

I am pretty certain I will go as well.


Might see if a crew from MEL wants to head up.

Might come for hangs.

subscribing too, this sounds good

Aww, the inlaws just sold their place at Goulburn, I could have combined it with a family trip and snuck away…

FoA Campsite, that’s cute.

Got an email this morning saying the date is changed to 28-29 of May.

New dates: 28-29th of May


edit: title modified to reflect date change.

Internet message board moderating is SRS BZNS

that’s even better!

Sounds awesome, hopefully I can figure something out

I reckon I’m in pending unforeseen stuff. Now might just be me or the while tribe, dunno if they have kids races.