CX / Gravel Grinder Build

Hey lads

I have been annoying Blakey via pm about my new build ( canti info mostly ) and I understand there is another thread in a similar vein but thought I would chronicle my build here anyway…

Frame and Envy fork Sorted and should be in the airMail tomorrow
CK inset7
Groupset 2013 Campy Chorus Compact
Canti’s Avid Ultimates
Thomson stem and post I think…

Comes to my first Q

Have decided on hubs Royce Spec ed Black in 28 and 32 rear… Now to decide on Clincher rims… 23mm…

what are your thoughts people?



Because 1) I’m very impressed with mine, and 2) I don’t know any other 23mm rims :slight_smile:


Hed belgium. Because i want to show off my knowledge of 23mm rims.

Edit: and i heard shifter Dan say positive things about them and if there is or ever will be such a thing as a prophet of rims and wheels he’s probably it

Edit 2: sorry sheldon brown

I’d go archertype,
I’m not sure if hed are readily available these days in many spoke count options

Belgium / Archetype / SL23. Pick the one you like the look of, or get the SL23 if you think you want to go tubeless.

But what tyres dubrat, that is the question?.

Called Dan… And am sending the hubs down… HED Belgium it is…

For the riding I’m doing think a good all round choice would be Challenge Grifo XS 32…

I’ve almost finished a similar cx/gravel build, but with a much lower spec frame, and ss drivetrain.

I went with the Archetypes based on the shape of the profile and the construction quality.

Almost bought a pair of Challenge Grifo XS 32, but got 32mm Kenda Happy Mediums instead. Very similar tread, 40g heavier, less kudos, but nearly half the price.

Aptly named then.

Any other suggestions for tyres ? Can get the the Grifo’s for $75 each which seem reasonable

$75 each? is that local? tubular or clincher? they are 42ish on ribble (clincher).

Sammy slick folding?
Vittoria XM Folding? ~$25ish- I have the XG’s I got off Nikcee, nice smooth riding tyre but I don’t think they would last long with much pavment action. (there are the XN’s too for a file tread)

I have read good things about the Clement X’plor USH and MSO… for mixed terrain tyres.

75 posted each off ebay…

Ribble don’t seem to have the Challenge Grifo XS 32

Challenge Open Grifo XS 32 Cross Tyre, TYRES CROSS FOLDING

that one?

blind I am…

Gumwall tax

No worries, that’ll give you $50 more to spend on something else on the bike!

charge a commission :stuck_out_tongue:

what’s the frame? I look forward to the build.