CX new buyers guide

Guys, I am after some advice on a new bike CX bike and thought the information may be useful for others:

I am after a swiss army bike. It will mainly be used for wet weather commuting, with some fire trails and the possibility of doing some racing. What should I be looking for?

I have been contemplating a Boardman as Wiggle have a 25% off code for the month of november:

Boardman Bikes : CX : PRO
($1650 delivered)
Boardman Bikes : CX : TEAM
($1290 delivered)

Any other ideas would be appreciated.

Why not look local?
Focus at Bike Station
Giant at Giant
Merida at Trak
Ridley at Super Elliots

all around the $1600 ish mark.

Iif you’re doing lots of wet weather riding, go for disc brakes.

Have a look at the Kona Honky Inc. Steel frame, discs, 105/Ultegra for about $1700 locally.

Tom’s got a Honky Inc and has ridden it from BrisVegas to Melbs so far. He’s pretty happy with is but it sucks for mud clearance. We did some CX type rides ending at Lynton and he’s wasn’t loving that at all.
Alex got his Boardman CX Pro last week. Will see it in the flesh in 2 weeks & let you know.

I’m a bit biased as I work in a shop that sells them, but the Cube Cross Race (or the Pro if you have the money) is damn sexy and very well specced with mostly 105 and Easton bits on it. No discs thou.


I have a Cinelli Zydeco for sale if you’re interested.

^— What size? Shimano 105 or something else?

56CM, Dura Ace 7900/105 5700 mix. PM me if interested, sorry if threadjacking

Schwinn - Tiagra/105, carbon fork, half price - $999

Buy Schwinn Fastback CX , Schwinn, Cyclocross Bike for Sale in St.Kilda, VIC

There are some good 2011 model runout deals to be had at the moment.
Not sure if Giant has any 2011 models left but they were out for $1200 and also saw Lifecycle on Kensi Road has some Scott CX Addicts reduced to $1300 they even had braze ons for full length mudguards.
What size do you ride?

All the best for a speedy recovery on that leg too.

these pop up and sell on ebay locally somewhat frequently for about half that price almost new.

What are peoples thoughts on the Giant TCX 1

TCX 1 (2012) - Bikes | Giant Bicycles | Australia

Looking for something to train and commute on.

Still looking then?

Edit I just realised it wasn’t the op. The components rival/apex are all good on the giant.

these were being picked up for ~$1300 by a few users on here. i think at that price you’d be hard to beat them for bang for your buck. closer to 2K and your other options open up a bit…

some simple upgrades and you’d have a very decent bike that would be a worthy race steed as well.

Sweet, thanks for that. I’ll shop around on price, seen one for ~$1400 locally. With all the rain we are getting in brisbane I think this bike will get some use.

It has proven to be an excellent bike for the money. Nikcee is correct, closer to 2k and the option to get much better, but sub $1500 the Giant is hard to beat. (I found that $2k didn’t get me much more to be honest, it would have taken $3k+ to get some real CX bling.)

My priorities changed last year ended up going to Bali instead of buying a CX bike.

I have saved a little cash and this is what I’m about to pull the trigger on:

Raleigh Bicycles Furley

Just trying to find someone to post to Aus