CX race with Manly Club Sydney

Cross racing is starting with the Manly club this Sunday (19/5) I am going to do it, is anyone from here doing the same?

Has anyone raced there before? Any tips or hints for a newbie?

Should be a good day out :slight_smile:

A few of the DDCX posse raced the national series there last year, and were thoroughly entertained by etomato and rcoh from here. spirito and rhys also showed (i think ghostcar was there too?)

course is on the more technical side of the cx spectrum, but lots of awesome. the bmx track was a highlight.

run wider tyres, have fun… say hi to Rob (Parbs) and make sure you thank all the volunteers (or help out yourself).

Yeah was a great day got lapped but considering it was my first ever race I had fun.

Wish I practiced dismounting and mounting before the race and not during! lesson learnt. Riding on grass for so long is very hard aye. I should do more riding on it to help build endurance.

There was no BMX park this time around maybe next race.

Anywho a vid of the race is posted

MWMTB Prestige CX #1 - 2013 on Vimeo

Also I guess I’m famous the Cyclocross page for Sydney has updated the cover pic I’m in the middle on the yellow bike.

Racing is on June 15.

This time more practice!

I finish my 5 years at uni on the 14th. Despite the pending hangover I may come for a celebratory lap at the back of the pack. Is there a SS race?

getting my cx bike fixed on wednesday so i will be racing at round 2 pending unforseen circumstances (these are quite common)

I was in for this but couldn’t make it. Keen for June 15.

Had a great time last time they put one on, especially with the BMX track. Really liked the course design.

I think by technical Nik means it’s mostly twists and turns and bumps - not many smooth fast parts. This means the Open categoey race is dominated by the mountain bikes, but in the CX categories, it’s quite suited to SS, because there’s not many times to use the big gears anyway.

Will give it a shot on the Nature Boy then,may need to put some knobbiertyres on, the Pasela’s are fairly slick.

It was one big group the race. Many different bikes.

Single speed would do well I didn’t change gears often to be honest.

Was a tight track many tight turns and 5 barriers. They might change the track next time to do the BMX track. Bring on June 15!

so I didn’t get to race due to unforseen circumstances.
I hadnet been stopped by the fact my brake pads I ordered 3 weeks ago still aren’t here or the nail that went up through my work boot into my arch on Wednesday.
I made it all the way to terrey hills and had registered already when I discovered I’d grabbed mismatched shoes.
1 mtb, 1 road. boo.

Bugger. Is your foot ok?

I went. Took my old fixed bike for one last go.

The open race started half an hour earlier than I expected so I missed the chance to check out the course. A bit scary flying into the BMX track without knowing what’s next. Hit one drop pretty hard and my bars came loose, by the time I fixed them everyone had passed. Battled away and caught a good few others though.

The ‘prestige’ race was fairly spread out - some really fast national level guys, some local A grade, and then various others. Amazing to watch the smooth lines and bunny hop skills.

Yea, it was a fairly clean wound. No blood, healed up nice