CX ride

If any of you guys are free this Monday 8th Feb and keen for a CX ride I’m probably going to take the Cross bike to smash up the loamy trails of Lysterfield and chase some docile kangaroos.

Probs take the train to either Belgrave or Heatherdale station and ride in from there.

I might sticky this if there’s enough interest to organise some CX rides going forward.

Do you think one day CX will get its own board like Polo? I hope so…


Maybe one day there’ll be

I’ll check with my boss…

A great idea nonetheless. :slight_smile:

Sweet, am thinking late morning departure. Trains takes half an hour to Heatherdale from Richmond.

I’d be totally up for that if it wasn’t for work.

yea keen for this, willing to take a day off too haha

Sweet, we’ll just need to twist Kiwi’s and NikCee’s arm to take a sicky now.

cough, cough… :roll:

i’ve been having conversations with certain mechanics/lawyers/courier-photographers about setting up a monthly-ish cx ride to keep our bikes dirty and on the turf they were built for.

was waiting for january and all its cycling/social distractions to finish before i got stuck into it. we have a couple of ideas for locations already.

if you are interested. PM me your email address and i’ll get you in any discussions we have. it’d be local-ish and would probably try and work on some of basic CX skills (stairs/transitions/etc) while giving the bikes a good run through some offroad.

helmets/a brake would be required - but apart from that anything goes.

my cx bike is alwways dirty.

Come Monday you hobo.

i resemble that remark…

am looking at creative calendar re-organisation as i type…

R.A.D. I hope you can make it.

Keen for future dates - weekdays not so good for me.


Weekdays also not so good for me (post 5pm while the sun is still out is OK), but does this count as a legitimate reason to buy a “real” cross bike?


Ok, how many takers if I shift it to Sat?

Has to be after lunch and I’ll have 110 Hell Ride kms in my legs so it’ll be fairly leisurely.

Sorry still can’t do this weekend, both dirt biased bikes out of action at the moment.

Sat’s no good for me this weekend either unfortunately (daughter’s birthday) …


Ok, back to the original plan of Monday late morning.

next sat? [this sat is no good for me either]

not looking likely ill be able to make monday…

would be keen for info Nikcee, in regards to later rides. Let me know via the FB channels…make fun of Mckenny while your there.