CX UCI rules updated 16/06/2014

Updates in orange.

In the event of warm weather conditions (above 20°C)

So euro.

^ having said that… they do also describe “difficult” weather conditions as “eg: below - 15 degrees”


So is a regular road bike legit in proper CX races?

yes. stupid, but yes.

So is a regular road bike legit in proper CX races?

The first few races I did on my son’s road bike, which had some big wide road calipers and enough clearance in the frame to squeeze some 32mm small block 8 tyres in. Wasn’t the best for CX, but gave me a taste for it and got me hooked !

Saw a guy racing B Grade in Adelaide on a modern Giant road bike with flat pedals. He went alright.

Rule 5.1.001 - cool I’m eligible to participate in the masters world championships. Damn.

BCC club prez rode a colnago steelie with slicks, converted to SS way back in the early DDCX days.

with a rubber chicken strapped to his head no less…


Do you even BCC Rolly?

That’s not the BCC club prez or a colnago. That’s Greg B on a shitter in gumboots.


ah well, still good.

who was club prez then? maybe i have a pic of them too…

I meant the current club prez :wink: (I want to say Alan C though)

Quote of the year.

hahaha it was pretty good.

I reckon it might catch on…

Have you seen latest whatever whatever?
Maaan…that thing is worse than Greg B on a shitter in gumboots!

you’ve got it the wrong way round…

i’m pretty sure it was still fixed - or, more accurately, still set up as a track bike.

i’m also pretty sure he spent a lot of time sliding out.

see, i’m not entirely sure. there was a time when it was Alan Compte, but i think we may have started dirty deeds when there was a bit of a lull with the presidency, when Ewin took over for a bit, then it was Cam, then it went back to Al. i feel like this is how we got the ok from the club in the first place - we took advantage of the confusion.