CX wheels

Help me choose some CX wheels. Looking at building a carbon CX bike to replace my roadie.
Something like this be okay?

Wiggle | Easton EA50 Clincher Wheelset 2010 Performance Wheels

And pic of mates CX bike that he loves. Looking to use the same frame.

They should be fine. I’ve got EA70s on my CX bike and I’m very happy with them.

I am getting some cash together to build a new set of wheels for my CX bike.

Because I am poor my whole build is about budget.

Velocity A23 Rims - wider then the standard 19mm rim to give a better profile for CX tyres and so I can run tyre pressures lower.
Circus Monkey Hubs - cheap and you can remove the cassette body without tools for maintenance.
DT Revolution Spokes - because aero spokes are too much.

Depending on where I end up sourcing components I should get them all together for under $400 and around 1400g.

Ezy - got a link to where you can get that frame?

I ordered some circus monkeys and some Major Toms (A23 tubs) only yesterday. I am also getting a box of DT Revs. Happy to share in a box(es) of spokes if you like? PM me if you’re keen.

I have built up the Monkey hubs before, they are going really well on my road bike and should be easy to look after for CX - the hubs pull apart by hand!

Pretty sure this is it, will double check during the week as my mate is out of town racing:
Wholesale Full carbon road frame brand new 2011 cyclocross HOT SELL

Or for a bit less there are these guys over at wiggle:
Wiggle | Kinesis Crosslight FiveT Frame 2011 Cyclocross Frames

I had Kinlin rims laced to Phil Wood hubs by Dan at Shifterbikes in Melbourne and can really recommend them either with cross tyres offroad or in their usual configuration with gatorskins for the daily commute. The Kinlin rims are light, strong and not hideously expensive. The Phil Wood hubs are fantastic but not the cheapest units getting around.

go the kinesis! benzy has one and he’s a deamon!!!

endorsed. the paint jobs are a bit pox, but thats it.

Any pics of Benzy’s bike?

Wait a minute… I think I have just been had.

hahahaha sizing is close to correct for Benzys bikes.

Back on track for wheels, I am soon to lace a pair of 32h black Circus Monkeys Road hubs, into 32h token CA30 rims (same as the 30mm Kinlins) via Black DT Revolutions, with black nips… because I am an emo goth

Should be decent for ‘commutercross’ on my On One Il Pompino.

Benzy’s steed

Cog Cafe, Warburton Trail | Flickr - Photo Sharing! (far right of the shot)
Waiting at Boronia Station to go home | Flickr - Photo Sharing! (front bike)

(yes i could have linked the actual images)

i ordered the ea50’s for my cross check, arrived today.

Here’s my Major Toms laced to circus monkeys, Dt Revs front, Comps/Revs rear.

I love Benzy’s bike so much, probably the most badass looking CX bike in Melbourne. It doesn’t look too small either, it just looks right.

Got a message from the guys at work today saying that my hubs have arrived, time to order spokes.
The specs I listed above will have my wheelset weighing in at 1535g and should come in under $300 built!

Not bad for a 32h wheelset that should be quite strong.

Just for you Sime.

Blakey, don’t hang your bike like that, and remove that rear light, otherwise someone will ID you as a ship-jumping ex-fixie hipster.

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Tell Benzy, not me!

thank goodness for that.

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