Cycle City Lyneham Time trial

Cycle city $1 time trial

Hey guys
Myself and the guys who work at cycle city Lyneham were looking for something fun to do during our lunch breaks at the store, so we came up with a little race, we decided that a time trial would be the best idea, and one that could be done one at a time, we drew up a course and a map and then we set some times around the course (its a gut buster :evil:).

We have decided that we will run each course for 1 month and anyone can come and have a go (as long as you are on a fixie). It only cost $1 for a recorded timed lap which gets put on the leaders board. You can come in to the store and look at the map of the course and ride it without paying but to get a timed lap it is $1. The person with the fastest lap at the end of the month collects the pot :lol:.

The course will vary in length and difficult , everything from a short 3km sprint to and epic 10km loop, changing every month.

Rule are easy you must be riding a fixie (helmets are advised) and anything goes except shortcuts, oh and no excuses (yes there are cars and traffic lights on these courses :-o).

If you are up for some fun drop by the store and ask about the time trial and give it a go.

Hope to see you in the store

Bring it!

See, there’s plenty going on here - you just had to ask! :smiley:

Traffic lights on the course! So riders need to choose between losing time or losing life? Hrmm

Sounds like fun though!

when i rode it i had greens which was sweet!!

most def! there is plenty of good mashes in canberra, this i know. i just need to find where my peeples at!

What suburb you in???

We are all kinda spread out everywhere

I’m in sunny Turner. O’Conner side of the park.

I’m actually not sure of anyone from around there…Maybe its like Gunners, nobody who rides fixed like me???

This sounds cool. Might come in Tuesday for a gash.

  • Joel

i thought the term was ‘mash’. i only say this because gash is something very different where i’m from. not good.

it’s cockney yeah?

  • Joel

i think so…

it would be good to see more people come in as the weather gets better and better

sweet idea who sit s at the top?

thinking about hitting this up with a friend tomorrow.

i popped in to have a look at the circuit. time to beat was 8 mins when i was there. might give it a go next week.

What’s the route?

hey guys time to beat is an 8:56, the lap is from the store on wattle street up to north lyneham and back. but it will change as of sunday. We are changing the lap ever month so if you wanna have a go drop by !! :slight_smile:

my friend and i just had a go at this. my time was 9:35.

pretty fun course.