Cycle Craft @ Craft Victoria

For those interested in relationships between fashion, the urban commuter, bicycles and the hand crafted, Mick Peel, an avid cyclist and the program head of Fashion at RMIT is having a workshop set up for two days (Sept 11 & 13) at Craft Victoria.

From Mick:

I’d like to invite you to drop in to Craft Victoria on Thursday September 11 or Saturday September 13 to the Cycle Craft workshop, part of the Urban Interior Occupation of Craft Victoria. I’ll be in the space working on my cycle related design/making/customising projects. I’ll have my customised bikes there along with along with various other soft crafted components I’ve been working on.

Drop in for a chat about the work, urban cycling, bikes, fashion, designing and making. Bring your bike! maybe we can customise it.

See the attached flyer for details.

I picked up a fake croc skin bag for $5 the other day at Priceline

it’s gonna make some schweet top tube covers. Aww yeah :mrgreen:

Could not think of anything less appealing. Sorry! :expressionless:

And how do you customise a fashionable, all black, urban fixie?

You strip it and powdercoat it black again. THen you get the most unmatching Deep Vs and you’re done.

OK maybe forget about the fashion bit. But if you’re passing by it might be worth dropping in to check out the bikes and the custom leather saddles, grips and toe straps. :frowning:

With a bit of imagination. There’s too many all black bikes out there, unless you wanna blend in with the crowd, jump on the band wagon… :wink:

spokie dokies are so hot right now

corpse paint.

this should be cool, will defs drop in after uni on wed/thurs