cycleops 12 hour cycling classic may 20th

so, there’s this thing right, where people ride bicycles around for a long time alone or in teams. Endurance cycling. Cool, sick, diseased, whatever. Mostly on mountain bike courses. Enter something interesting, 12 hour road event. Held on Eastern Creek Raceway in western Sydney, an enclosed 4km track, solo through to teams of 10 allowed, fixed wheels allowed (they say with “brakes” but perhaps just a front brake might be OK, I’ll email to check).

I was thinking of going and riding it. On a fixed of course. Either my Surly or my Battaglin. Maybe a bit of both - I use the same shoes on each. 8am to 8pm

Anybody keen to set up a fixed team? I can’t find anyone here who’s interested…but I know some would be! Tell me soon if anyone’s keen so I can get the day (or maybe the whole weekend) off work. has the info.

  • Joel

You know, I may be interested in doing a team. Looking at a big map on my wall, it would be around a 10 hour drive from Brisbane (unless I can manage a business excuse for going there).

What is the date? And send JP a pm…he could be conned into doing dumb stuff.

pfft, just fly dude. Virgin blue is cheap. I’m sure that if I drove up on friday afternoon and stayed at a dodgy motel I could pick up a person and their bike from the airport.

  • Joel

looking good to me. as a pair it’d be hardcore and there’d be very little room for beers and a barbie, as a four there’d be plenty of room for both. i got lights i can use. i’d need a lift though. and i got a tent for me and anyone who wants to get to know me better. here’s a shout at and a call to arms to any girls too… i say we can make a v colourful presence felt on the day


Wicked fun. I would love to do this. Been wanting to do one of these for a long time. I missed out on the Murray to Moigne this year (gonna do it next april) and now I’m gonna miss out on this one (got a rowing regatta on that weekend)

Are there any more coming up.

Also, girls are a good idea. support and massage will be needed!!

Will look into flights etc etc etc, suppose its just me, some clothes and my fixie. Might be able to con someone else from Brisbane with me (Blakey, Simon, or James )

Ok…what is the date?

Look at the top of the thread.

MAY 20!!

If anyone from Melbourne with transport is heading up, I’d be in for it. Keep in mind I can’t actually drive, so I’m no help in that regard, but I’m sure I can keep murmuring enough random and or inane stuff to keep someone awake for the drive. Oh, and I’ve got all that camping crap: tent, cooker, mats, etc.

I’d been looking for a reason to skip out of town for a bit.

Sorry rhino, I have existing commitments for the 20th.

I would be in otherwise though, my brain has already forgotten the pain from my first 12+ hour ride on the weekend :slight_smile:

sweet then. I’ll email the cats and ask if front-brake-only fixes are allowed (should be, they seem fairly indiscriminate).

  • Joel

it seems like there are a heap of people that want to do this, but can’t.
As well as those that can do this one, lets look ahead and find another one.



there are still enough people to do a team of four. think about it, 3 hours each on the bike, it’s not a 24hr so no sleeping shifts required, you could ride 3 or 4 times and just do 45 mins or an hour at a time.

I’m super keen. jumping.

  • Joel

so an update on this thing, I emailed the guy and he said that for our fixed wheel rigs, only a front brake required. Pretty agreeable really, I guess they’re not using the Cycling Australia definition of a “safe bicycle” which is good, because the CA definition pisses me off no end. It’s the reason I don’t race.

anyway. Team of four? Let’s get some solid candidates on top of JP and myself. If more come out, multiple teams? Or a team of 6? The 6s seem to be less competitive, the “fun” class.

  • Joel

OK it’s crunch time - Unless others are already entering a team with space for two, I will register this evening or tomorrow - so if anyone wants to make it a team of three or four - post here!

  • Joel

Good stuff Joel! I’m still a dead cert for it. Rhino? I’ll bring 2kg of snags, a couple dozen hotdog rolls and a load of white wings if we get it happening… anyone got a car camping type gas stove? i’ll bring the stove top espresso brewer too.

I live about 10 minutes from the airport, give me a shout and I will pick anyone up, and if you are willing to sleep on the lounge floor and put up with 4 ankle-biters, you are welcome to bunk at our place.

I have plenty of camp stoves that can be used, including a nice double burner propane job. Anything else you need in the way of camping gear let me know.

And just maybe I can rustle up enough energy to get off my duff and be the 4th person if there is a vacancy. I do not have a fixed bike to ride, although I can “fix” that pretty quickly.

Actually, maybe we can be the team, then I can justify spending some money!!

Let me know,

Nope, I am out. Next weekend is the 100km MTB marathon event, and I plan on racing the monkey there.

Sorry lads.

so can you come CTA? I just got Dave Z on board today - making three. I haven’t yet registered to give everyone the chance to pipe up!

Team of four…come on all. One more.

  • Joel


I am out. I just found out that we are having interstate family visit this weekend. Everyone is still welcome to hangout here and I will be happy to taxi anyone around.

I will recheck with the social secretary this evening.

no worries P.Lynn

I think we will camp there saturday night after leaving early saturday morning. Team of three it is.

  • Joel