cycleops 12 hour cycling classic may 20th

no worries P.Lynn

I think we will camp there saturday night after leaving early saturday morning. Team of three it is.

  • Joel


Sorry to let you down. I will try to better next time.

never mind - family comes first.

sorry for posting twice more than necessary.

I’ll see if we can get some event pics and, you know, represent at t-shirt time.

  • Joel

So this thing was done and dusted last weekend, turned out to be a very good day out for the team. With the exception of a 45min stint of hell-hail for Dave, we rode in very comfortable conditions all day. There was only one corner on the track where we were at a genuine disadvantage, it was just a little too tight to rip around flat out without clipping peds… which was interesting in bunches as we (or at least I) would get on the front and hammer toward the corner to get a break, roll through it timidly and then hammer the next 2-300 metres to get back on… good times. We were in second place in the 3 man teams all day long, unable to bridge the gap to first, looking at the lap timing, it seemed they had one rider who was putting a lot of time into us, the other two were lapping at around the same pace as the three of us. So we came in a comfortable second, having completed 103 or so laps of the circuit (which is just over 400km). I think we got a lot of respect, especially when riding in bunches… lots of times i’d be riding with a bunch for a few minutes, then someone would realise i was riding fixed, ask the question and then give a quick shake of the head and a “you’re mad” or something similar. Anyway, at the presentation (we got a faux metal medal for 2nd) we seemed to get a few genuine cheers from the crowd as well as the obligatory golf clap. There are pics of us on just click on 2006 events and then cycleops 12hr, then enter team number 302… there are some pretty funny nose blowing ones of me in there :slight_smile: the one below is, I’m hoping, a non-nose-blowing or looking-at-my-feet shot :slight_smile:
Thanks to Joel for getting it off the ground and driving some nasty hours for us.

OK, I know which rider is JP, now who is the rider with white steed and who is riding the really fast red bike(we all know red bikes are faster)?

well I’m on the red bike. It seems only one photo op for me, and I made a yukky face :slight_smile:

oh well. Dave is on the white bike, he probably had the fastest average lap times of the three of us.

Thanks for the write-up JP, I never got around to it :slight_smile: . It was a good weekend, well worth the arse-infection I got from the driving :slight_smile:

  • Joel

Thanks for the kind words but actually the whole team was very evenly matched. JP was super consistent and Joel did a monster final session.
I only turned the fast laps from frustration! Apart from the corner that JP mentioned I found that on the fast front, somewhat downhill part of the course that it was an effort to spin as quickly as needed to stay with the people in 53/12. If any one plans to do this fixed next year then probably >= 88" ratio to be serious. That means some muscle to handle the undulations & climb on the back of the course. Start your steroids - um I mean squat sessions - soon.

Top weekend. Thanks once more to Joel and JP for the fun.