Cycling Australia Road National Champs - January 5-10 2012

Anyone headed out to Ballarat for the nationals in early January?

was thinking about heading out there for the men’s road race. you in town?

My sister lives pretty much on the course. So ill be there for most of the days. Gonna be a good one this year for sure

yup, should be there wrenching. I find out more details this week.

considering it…

Will be there with a decent gang. Will be bringing the Weber and Eskies down and plonking ourselves 100m from the top of the climb. The nature strip there is like 10m wide so plenty of space all round. Everyone’s welcome to join. Will be bringing plenty of extra snags. Be there from round 11. I’ll post more details as I get things organised.

Ascension, you rising up or all drivin?

Car pooling since we’ve got gear to lug up. Short straws have to drive.

Check your gmail.

Looks like i might have to drive the team car down from BNE > Ballarat. Find out in the next few days. Going to be an interesting drive, think i will be detouring through Melbourne if i do.

I’ve ridden the course quiet a bit over the last 4 days. Team car down fiskin ave will be hairy.

Oi Gypsy, come hangout in Melbs enroute or after the Nationals, I gotta couch you’re more than welcome to surf.

i might go watch this bike race thing.

Just got the call. Leaving Tuesday and have to be in Ballarat sometime wednesday evening.

I reckon i might ride up and back. WHO’S WITH ME?

I could be keen, keep me posted.

anything for you tristan.

I could also be keen.

You’re gonna wear the brikos, right?

i can’t decide whether i should wear the fluro orange or yellow ones. So many choices.

But yeh, i reckon if the weather looks good it could be a great day out. Fair hike, but its summer, and there are tan lines to work on.

sounds awesome…i haven’t done the trip for a few yrs now, kinda glad too, it’s a massive pain.

sharing the driving, or just you and the team car?

Just me at this stage i think.