Cycling bits you've bought that turned out to be rubbish

I’ll start with a small one:

Crank Brothers Speed Lever
Stupid design for cyclists with no hand strength. Normal levers are just fine.

$300 Chris king head set…no better then my $70 FSA

gran comp ss tires. 23c? No.

brooks saddle.

my butt hurts still…

Looks like a good way to pick your items.
My dud was CST (stripy ones), wasn’t even meant to get them. 23c, they can’t evenly skid for shit

Concor with a broken rail… [Turns out its not easy to get replacement rails]

Filler-primer, undercoat, paint, clear. [Powdercoat is cheaper, and harder wearing. If you MUST have paint, get it done professionally.]

Rubber rim ‘tape’ [veloplugs are the shiznit, cloth is ok]

+1. look nice but pinch flats are guaranteed unless you’re sub-50kg. also, there’s fuck all rubber on them.

Oh, Velocity B43 rubbish rim

One mans rubbish…


gears …

dohhhhhhhhh. i have one of these on the front for the new build. only tyre that would fit… :frowning:

you should be ok with one on the front I guess (although I havent had much experience with them), as you shouldnt really have any pinch flat problems with your front wheel, plus rubber amount shouldnt be a major issue

ah ok. awesome. still probably best i avoid potholes though hey!!


SRAM Rival not all that it’s cracked up to be?

fixed for you

SRAM rival is ok, but i like my whip to have tyght geo

My NJS kickstand…

Someone please post the shot of Mick Rogers in the TOC with ‘hella tyte’ over it.

original is a bit big, so its smaller