Cycling Books

If you’ve read a book, or own a book, or know of a book, or discover a book, post details in here.

this one, awful writing but nice photos. some of the most pretentious writing i’ve ever read

this one, more observational, nice photos, enjoyable

this one, loads of great, trivial info, very interesting to read, highly recommended

awesome, hilarious, glib, highly recommended

haven’t gotten around to this one yet

post away people, Spirito, i’m looking at you

Well … there’s a few tech type books here that cost nothing and save a few tree’s …

Bike books

My fave book is “My World On Wheels” by Russel Mockridge but your chance of finding a copy are slim. A recent biography on Mockridge by Martin Curtis is also a great read and give insight to perhaps our most talented ever cyclist.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Andrew Ritchie’s biography of Major Taylor and still marvel at Major’s talents and humility.

Most anything Jan Heine sells is good reading, worth the $'s and filled with juicy bike porn.

Bicycle Quarterly Press – Books

The worst book is the recent Campagnolo book Campagnolo: 75 Years of Cycling Passion (9781934030370): Paolo Facchinetti, Guido P. Rubino: Books

Shitty pics, crap writing and really badly put together. I can’t believe Campagnolo let someone tell such a crappy, shoddily put together story. Even I could do better. If Mrs. Spirito hadn’t bought this for me for X-mas I’d have sent it back or burnt it.

The Rider - Tim Krabbe.

that bike snob book was rather bland, “you should ride a bike because blah, blah, blah. and don’t forget, hipster are douchebags… end” – BSNYC/RTMS

this is a good book:

i’ll lend it to you one day

Chasing Lance by Martin Dugard.

I was expecting nothing, and actually quite enjoyed it.

Forgot ro add

Bike Cult: The Ultimate Guide to Human-Powered Vehicles

One massive book written by a fine man. Cover’s everything about bikes all around the world, if you like stats and numbers this book is your wet dream.

Bad Blood - Jeremy Whittle. Like HMC wasn’t expecting much but really enjoyed it. Quite an eye opener to how cycling protects itself

I kinda know the guy that wrote this. Plays (played?) in a band called No Through Road. Super nice guy, pretty quiet. His Westside Angst zines are pretty awesome too.

But yeah, it is an awesome book. Highly recommended.

I also found The Story of O most inspiring. Not at all cycling related but as a 14 year old I don’t think I slept for a week !!!

The “fixed” book is preety good. But can you even buy it in Australia?

Up the Road - Samuel Abt
A Peipers Tale - Alan Peiper/Chris Sidwells
In search of Robert Millar - Richard Moore
Philip Anderson Cycling Legend - Christie Valentine / scrub Anderson

These are 4 of my favs

Just Google top 50 cycling books and you will get some good results

i’ve got that book too it was a good read. i really like his zine (if thats what you call it) ‘what would tintin do?’. highly inspirational book about living life as an adventure.

that fixed book is one of my favourites. also enjoyed the cyclopedia. the custom bicycle book felt more like reading a bunch of bike builders websites.

the dean woods manual of cycling:

and cycle racing by frank westell and ken evans have heap of cool old pictures of racing bikes etc.

I have a thing for bios:
The Russell Mockridge: The Man In Front book is pretty good:
Russell Mockridge The Man In Front - Biography - BA Gear- Cycling Books, DVDs, Clothing and More

Also enjoyed Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi

Flying Yankee – The International Cycling Career of Arthur Augustus Zimmerman is also a great insight.

Spirito is spot on, anything by Bicycle Quarterly Press is well worth a look for both content and images.

What he said.

Yes. I’ve seen it at quite a few book shops.

I didn’t think it was anywhere near as good as his blog. I’ve always wondered, what does RTMS stand for?

best books :

the rider - tim krabbe
push yourself just a little bit more - johnny green
a dog in a hat - joe parkin

johnny green is a great writer, i think he also wrote a book about the clash (he was their manager for a while)

Rip Torn’s Mug Shot:

^ Ah! Thank you…

Holy Shit,

Why hasn’t anyone mentioned the self titled messenger God Travis Hugh Culley / The Immortal Class :wink:

… I actually have a copy though.