Cycling Bucket List, bit of fun

Cycling Weekly (The Comic) in the UK recently published the 26 things to do on a bike before you die.
I think I can honestly say I’ve got 16, while it’s obviously UK and Europe centric, reckon most are attainable,
Have to say one of my claims is meeting and talking to Eddy - and think I’ve got a few more than 50 people into cycling at various levels, also may have ridden a velodrome once or twice, and tried to race, even won a sprint!
I knew I shouldn’t of whimped out and ridden up Mt Ventoux when I had the chance- does skiing Alpe d’Huez count??
26 things to do on a bike before you die | Latest News | Cycling Weekly

Looks like you must have whipped something pretty hilarious out?

Havent met Eddy, havent ridden europe. Does the sprint have to be in a race? Havent resto’d a bike I’ve lusted after

Puts me on 16/26