cycling clubs

so i need to join a club to get involved in track and road a bit more, any suggestions?
there’s a few around, been to QLD Cycling website, reason i ask is because none of them are particularly close to me (northgate), and i’m curious if there’s one that has a few members from here, or if theres any to steer clear of, want to get involved in regular track on tuesdays, and the occasional social ride on weekends, cheers

have answered my own questions, think i’ll join the hamilton wheelers as they’re the closest to home

there is a crew that ride at caboolture velo wednesday nights and sunday morning, dutton cycle shop crew.

see what other clubs members are a part of, im in balmoral, dans in uq? just makes things a little easier if you wanna organise a team for team pursuit/italian sprint etc.

I’m with UQ simply because they were the nearest to where I live.

I think I’m going to go with sunshine coast just know a couple of the boys up there.
Or may be uq