Cycling Express Everyday Riders Pin up #21

Fellow member, turned cycling express pin up boy.

Cycling Express Everyday Rider #021 - Cycling Express

oah thanks gypsy…

i’ve never before seen such a handsome man.

Where the fuck’s my photo credit?!?!*

Look at you, all up in internet lights.

*But seriously, it’s okay. I’ll let you get away with it…this time.

dude they must of croped the photo i wouldnt of cut your water mark out

Don’t stress man, it’s no big deal. I was just having a laugh.

that’s more like it Gene

i got a verbal warning for having my arms showing between sleeve and arm warmer @ DDCX, and they were higher than that!

i guess cycling express is happy with such an un-PRO pin up, but then how can you resist that HK kit :wink:

TDR won’t be happy with you repping your ‘old team’.


But now he rides for Cycling Express, so he has two ‘old teams’ he can’t rep anymore.

Team Whore.

I am disgusted at this general lack of respect of team contracts.

Was everything you promised me a lie Gene?

I’d be stressin’.
If I put a watermark on something I’d not like it taken off.
But whatevers! You a pinup Genie!

Where is our Cycling Express shill when they are doing something illegal/dodgy…

If they were making money out of it, then I’d be stressin’. I’d also be asking for my cut. But they’re not (as far as I know) so it’s really not worth my stress.

I wanna join one of these teams which always get mentioned, I keep seeing three letter acronyms and Hell krew every where. Which one? Who actually has kit?


My team pays a very good retainer and a new set of kit every year, unfortunately they expect 40+ hrs a week of IT work…


He must have a great agent. Max Markson?

I’ll be with them over summer, I think.

In regards to FOA I’m clueless.