Cycling groups push for a better biking city Read more:

Cycling groups push for a better biking city

Yet another Age article to give the fuckwits among us some time away from their menial jobs to post the same old, retarded comments… from both sides.

“I’d like to see cyclists share the costs of this huge infrastructure…”
“… but for the safety of cyclists and for the convenience of car drivers keep cyclists off the roads.”
“I’ve seen cyclists who were riding together, talking and about to fall down just in front of my car.”

Pffft…I could’ve rode up it.

^ I walk down those stairs all the time. Personally I don’t mind them. And are a flight of stairs really preventing someone from riding?

Anyone who regularly rides over the harbour bridge would know the stairs on the north side, and those who ride it regularly enough can ride up the enormously steep sloped ramp in the middle of the stairs. It’s a nice sight to behold.

I think the point is that Premier Ted approved the new bridge that would remove the need to carry your bike up these stairs over 12 months ago, riding the wave of pro-cycling sentiment after Cadel’s TdF win, but nothing has been done or even looks like being done any time soon (what a shock.)