Cycling in QLD, fixed, brakeless, no lycra.

Via: - Building Better Bicycle Cultures: Subversive Bicycle Photos from Queensland
Images from the State Library of Qld collection.

Kids have been portaged on the TT forever!

Unidentified father and son posing with a bicycle for a travelling photographer

Well dressed shearer

A modern Australian shearer


Boys on bikes at Barramornie Station, August 1924

Bike Piles! Must have been a big post alleycat party.

Bicycles parked outside Maryborough City Baths

Bicycles piled up outside a picture theatre in Cairns, ca. 1915

This is amazing. Such precious photos. What I would do for one of these frames…

More! - Building Better Bicycle Cultures: Subversive Bicycle Photos - New South Wales

They are great photos. I’ll have to find a pic of my dad with his first bike, he won it in a toothpaste competition in about 1949. It was way too big for him.
Did I mention that my granddad rode with Oppy? Cos he did.

It’s great to see these photos being appreciated. I work with these collections at SLQ and it’s great to see people tapping into them. PS - heavymetal lot of love at my work for your signature.

Thanks, been meaning to reply to your pm, but keep forgetting. I’m in a corporate library, and the lack of understanding of what we do is remarkable.