Cycling is bad for the environment



If its got anything to do wit Jan. im-not-reading-it!

heh, no, thas just a funny coincidence.

it’s a technical paper assessing the environmental benefits (or lack thereof) of cycling… disturbing. it must be funded by the AMERICAN SUV FOUNDATION.

Assumption is the brother of all fuck-ups

He’s saying fat people who start to ride will live longer, which will drive up the overall environmental cost.

Uh… what about the 100000000000000000000* barrels of oil being raped from the bowels of terra firma?


yeah i know, it’s fucking rediculous. as a commentator from somewhere else said:

‘this is a steaming pile of voodoo economics’


duh - everything we do is bad for the environment… plus furfty percent of all people know that you can use stats to prove anything :wink:


It seems to be a well written article, and isnt arguing well a ridiculus point quite clever?

Clever, perhaps.

But dressed up crap is still crap.

You want ‘bad for the enviroment’…come work with me for a day!

HEY! no fair, raping the Earth is what i do for a living, working for a big bad oil company.

So there’s you two, rogaine who likes blowing the Earth up, and myself who helps other companies rape more efficiently. Any other takers?

Additionally, I kick puppies.

… to say nothing of what he does to pussies …

… to say nothing of what he does to pussies …[/quote]

CLASSIC…too funny.

I raped the sea for 10 years on behalf of BIG OIL…saw the error of my ways and starting raping the earth with/for Rhino for the last 18…just got to have my way with the air…???

hah, rogaine that was gold. :slight_smile:

well, all you people with terrible occupations better start riding your bikes like crazy (ignoring that article) to clock up some serious earth/gaia karmic points!

ya heathens!