cycling is now uncool hipsters get into sitting!

‘Extreme sitting’ the latest craze |

Thats right now you can just sit and be as cool as a cucumber, trendy as a nerd and hipper than a hipster, Hock & Roll, sporthockers!

So here’s your new kit,

or for the minimalist hipster…

but always doing this…




Seriously? This has got to be viral marketing.

Also, they’ve got nothing on this kid:



I know I haven’t been here long, but long enough to say that fixed gear cycling is very cool (“cycling is now uncool hipsters getting into sitting”).

Do they double as giant yoho diablo’s ?

nice perfect run…i always sucked at the surfing, couldn’t get above 8.2 :frowning:

Radball, artistic cycling and now hockern. is there nothing germans are ashamed to lower themselves to?

found me my first quote for FOA V.2

As if losing 2 World Wars wasn’t embarrassing enough?

thanks current German youth. I’m embarrassed to be a German now.

if they cut a hole in the top it they could shit in it as well. now that would be remotely entertaining, and more in line with the german stereotype.

fixed for accuracy

fucking euros.

just wait til you see them getting busted out on brunswick st or in bourke st mall by some busking dreadlocked and sports sandled german backpacker, while his israeli mates play djembie and electric didjeridoo as a sound track…

This is by far one of the funniest things I have ever seen. I can really see it catching on…

Surely it says something about the current state of mankind that we’re inventing ‘extreme sports’ that revolve around sitting down.

This is truly the lamest thing I’ve ever seen.

pfft, i was shitting long before it became cool.