Cycling photos from back in the day...

Was just flicking through the Museum Victoria website for some photos of old buildings the other day and thought to do a quick search for ‘Cycling’ which brought up a nice collection of shots from way back when. – here’s a few of them (with their generally obvious captions). You can find plenty more here.
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– feel free to add any good ones that I might have missed.

Cyclists and onlookers at a bicycle race at the sandbanks picnic area on the Latrobe River - 1902

A group of men with bicycles and a gramophone. One man is holding a coiled stockwhip - 1895

A cyclist, wearing a Malvern Star Cycles sweater, shaking hands with a man wearing a blazer with a ‘V’ and crossed oars (?) on the pocket. - 1929

Six men with a catch of rabbits. The rabbits are strung on a horse-drawn cart. The cart has a sign reading: The Wanderers. Four of the men have bicycles. -1930

A cyclist competing in a road race from Heathcote to Costerfield. He won the race and was awarded a gold medal -1923

Riders drawn up for the start of a bicycle race – Hamilton 1906.

The Warracknabeal bicycle club on a country outing – 1898

Victoria’s first no-hands – 1910.

Young boys competing in a bike race - Traralgon. 1930

Three men with bicycles in bush. There are two carriages behind them and some cattle

On a side note, I quite like these staged ones, especially the ones where it’s apparent that prior to the shot being taken, the thought process goes something like –
“Wow! A Camera! Quick, get things to hold!”
“Like what?”
“I dunno, guns! Walking sticks! Pipes! Anything! – go get Jimmy and his bike, put him in it! It’s a photograph for fucks sake – we need to look awesome, but pretend we do this shit all the time, so don’t smile – just look deadly fucking serious.”

How’s the pursuit geometry on this!

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Definitely would been a novelty to have your photo taken. I like some of the police photos from the same time where people put on a show for the camera rather than the standard ‘mug shot’ - probably the first time they had seen a camera.

Nice find anyway. You can also search through heaps of photo collections through Home - Trove

whoever added in that photo is a genius. Who am i kidding, I know it was Blakey!

these haircuts are superb. hipsters from 100 years ago

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