Cycling Questionairre - with a prize!!

Hey Guys and Girls,

If any of you can spare a quick couple of minutes and fill out a cycling questionnaire that im doing as part of my market research for a fashion project for next year, that would be greatly appreciated. It’s a bit of a course requirement, so apologies if its somewhat formulaic. Anyhow, its just a few questions about your riding habits and your current choice in cycling apparel, whatever it may be. Its all tick boxes and drop down menus, so quite easy to fill out.

As to not completely waste your time for my benefit, all responses that I receive will go into a draw to win a Cinelli Pista bar that im not longer using. (40cm)

As I cant seem to attach the document on here, please email the address below for the questionnaire and a pic of the bars.

The winner of the bars will be announced here in a weeks time (8th Dec).

Muchas gracias hombres!!


Cant you just copy and paste the questions here and we then reply with our answers!?
that seems much easier.

I could but it would seriously take you 4x longer to fill out on here.

It’s just check boxes on the form so you don’t need to type anything if you don’t want to.


sent one to you filled out :lol:

So, I see you’ve posted this questionnaire on London FGSS too.

Are you going to post prizes all the way to the UK? Or are you posting bars all the way to Australia?

This suddenly became very fishy. Fashion project for what? University? Coles-Myer Group?

wow, how cynical!

PM sent with email address - I’ll help you out.

It’s called the internet, is this your first time?

what uni you at?

Used to live in London so been on that forum for a while. Much vastly more populated than here so most likely will get a good response.

In any case, I work exclusively for Cost-Co. Didnt you know they are opening a cycling division? :evil:

Swinburne Tafe

Ha ha. Yeah I thought it might be Cost-Co!

You must be one of them rich students, what with all these prizes. But anyway, just wanted to check. I have received your questionnaire, and will fill it out upon finding a computer with Xcel on it. How come you need our BSB and account number?

How come you need our BSB and account number?

Nigerian scam??? :evil:

Just to clarify, there was no request for an account number or BSB

really?!?!? then who the fuck did I just give my BSB and account details to? :expressionless:

George Abdgwengo?

It must be… Naively, totally dismissed Coles Myer having any interest in the fixed gear cycling scene, much less the opinions of those on a small australian forum.

Hey man, we all make mistakes. Don’t sweat it, okay?

haha, all good mate- just a bit of friendly banter i thought! Sorry if i offended…

Ha ha, man, I’m right there with you. Nothing to take offence too…

And just quietly, I think either you or myself deserve the bars, just for bumping this thread and giving it way more attention than it ever would have. Whaddaya say, Van?

haha, I like it.

Maybe we can fuck off the londoners and split the bars and the lever (paper scissor rock)!

Ascencion - we’ve solved your random prize winner draw.