Cycling socks...

i wear whatever - generally some ankle length sports socks in summer; something higher and warmer in winter.

why do a lot of people get excited over ‘brand x’ of cycling sock? am i missing out on something here?

Oh god no, mckenny, what have you done?!

I don’t reckon you’re missing anything. I have a couple pairs of name brand cycling socks, and I can’t tell the difference between them and the business socks I usually ride home from work in. The main reason I wear the name brand socks is because they’re bright blue and I like the colour.

Yeah it’s cycling for fuck sake,
Look good or die trying.

But they are comfy, I hate short socks, socks that loose there elasticity and droop, and poor colour choices.
I have dome specialized ones that are comfy but compression fit and hard to get on
Some campy ones that are nice,
Some nice rapha ones
And some nice brand x ones.
I say brand x is just as good and they are a local company

The important question to ask is: what socks work best with SPD sandals

user Jetbike gave me some cycling socks for my birthday 4 or 5 years ago. I am wearing them today, they are fluro yellow & red with & ‘biohazard’ symbol on them. They’re my benchmark socks, and not much comes close lemme tell you.

Ive recently been experimenting with compression socks, and i have to say, theres a noticeble difference. I used to get twitches in my calfs about 75% through my rides, but now my calves feel good the full way. Its full length, so all the way up to my knees.

It may look dicky, but it works for me, so meh

Ive been using the Nike Stability 2 compression socks, $14 from wiggle, have recently bought the endura ones, will see how they go. But im a fan of the nike ones.

black short socks

ankle length now in Summer.

Longer in winter.

Roll what chu got

Preston market. Merino wool dress socks. 3 for $12. Can’t go wrong.

Jase they are not uci approved your so crazy

Argyle or GTFO.

Any recommendations P!N20?

My personal choice

Mavic Pro Sock of GTFO

How was your OS holiday BTW Mckenny?

Knee length socks - no good.
Ankle length socks - no good.
6cm length socks - pro
9pm length socks - best imo

4shaw is good - 9cm

All the cycling socks I have feel too thin and its as if I’m not wearing socks at all. I don’t like that sensation.I do wear my Saint Cloud socks when it is REALLY hot though.
Nike Dri-Fit socks, which are available both in quarter, crew and ankle lengths are the best socks I’ve found. They are also available from Eastbay in bundle deals. I wear the same socks for every activity, but the length changes depending on the particular activity.
They are the best.

the only pairs of socks I can guarantee won’t be pinched in my place are cycling socks, and until I had cycling socks I didn’t own a pair of socks, just drawer full of mixed matched crustys

Meh. I wear whatever Max has in the specials bin at Le Knicks.