Cycling thesis

Forwarded by email:

G’day folks

Like me, others may be interested in participating. Kathy who sent me
Emilia’s e-mail is a colleague from BV, Darebin BUG and currently
works at the Cycling Promotion Fund



Emelia Bishop is doing a thesis with regards to cycling
participation. She’s looking for people to interview and assist her
with it. She’s be looking at how different people use different
bicycles, how they use the road in different ways including the
routes and roads they choose to and their experiences of the city.

She’s in the process of recruiting participants and conducting
preliminary interviews. It will take approximately 2 hours of your
time at a time that is convenient to you and would involve an
informal chat about your bike and cycling practices and stories and
then a ride with on a journey that you know or make on a regular
basis and then a short debrief afterwards. She’s also wanting to
acquire at some stage a camera that could be mounted on a bicycle for
the production of video diaries for participants that were super
keen. Want to know more? Contact Emelia:

If you’re keen to know a bit more, here’s what she emailed me when I
first expressed an interest


The minimum level of participation in this project involves two
components that can be undertaken together, or on two separate
occasions at the convenience of the participant. The first is an
informal interview of approximately one hour duration.

Questions asked during this interview will be in relation to four
the bicycle;
the roads, routes and journeys;
attitudes towards cyclists, cycling, and safety; and
the cycling experience.

The second component of participation involves the observation of the
participant whilst cycling on a regular route or commute. The
researcher will ride with the participant to observe their cycling
experience. This will be followed by a short debrief about the

If you are interested, then please email me at this address with a
time that is convenient for you to complete the interview process or
call 0438 535 072, or 93788557 to arrange a time.

I’ve met with her already - she’s really nice. Feel free to be in
touch with her if you’re willing and able to help or send it on to
your cycling buddies.

Happy cycling,


Sounds interesting

could you forward me her email, ill do it.


See the post above. Her details are also in the original post by chromeo.