Cycling tourist felled by full beer bottle,28318,25104391-5014090,00.html

Some people’s mothers should have just swallowed rather then breed dickheads who do things like that:x

Bwahahahahaha :smiley:

Nothing about this story is funny, or should be even connected to any form of comedy “response”

I feel for this guy deeply as he is alone in another country and this is how True Blue Aussie’s treat him.

We should be ashamed Melbourne.

That made me feel sick. I’d be interested to see what sort of light punishment the prick who did it would get. The victim was on a bike after all. Another scum fuck in a falcon too.

Farkin gold.

I don’t think the fact that he was on a bike or the cvnts were in a Falcon makes a difference though. I’ve had bottles, eggs, and other random shit, particularly on Friday nights. Spuddy has some 4am stories of cars of drunk bitches throwing bottles as well.

Arn’t we all happy we live in Australia, a wonderful lawful society where if you caught up to them and smashed their window with your lock and they got some glass in their foot you would probably get sued… Perhaps officer jerk-off should get busy catching real crims instead of booking people on track bikes to fill his quota…

Punishment: A six pack. One to replace the broken one and the other five as a reward.

My point was that if yr on a bike, it’s never the fault of the driver, or they were reasonably provoked in some way.

erle’s right, motorist-to-cyclist violence is rarely treated as seriously as it should be.

last friday on lygon, a car threw two beer bottles at me and then the passenger tried to grab me off of my bicycle. in my month here, i’ve experienced some real world-class assholery.

Keyword: Lygon Street

people are cunts, specially on Lygon Street

but noone should have to put up with this bullshit.

In the Netherlands, if you are in an incident with a motor vehicle, the vehicle is instantly 50% responsible even if its your fault.

best country to ride in bar none.

Yeah, it’s prety fucked most places.

We were having this discussion the other day about lights. I mean you want to use lights on your bike so cars can see you (and you don’t get hit), but on the other hand, if you’re riding at night, nothing draws attention to fucking stupid people than your flashing lights, and gives them something to yell & throw things at.

In my experience the police don’t give a fuck, and why would they? Let’s face it most of them drive cars themselves so are prejudiced from the start, or just too lazy to chase up such a `petty matter’ (their words). I swear the excuses that have come over the desk from the cop shop after my multiple incidents with stuff getting hurled at me from cars, cars hitting me, doorings, etc. and not a single one written up!

Instead my wife and I used to jump on the EPA website when we were in VIC (not sure where we go now that we’re in QLD). Takes 5 minutes and all you need is a rego, car make, time of day, object thrown and passenger who threw it. If you can’t get the police to do their job at least they wind up with a $100+ fine for littering.

Seems silly that the EPA have the power to prosecute without other witnesses (only your ability to stand up in court if contested) while the pogs just tell us to go get bent?

If they do, then that’s fucked.

I wonder how many infringements they actually send out based on a single unauthenticated report, especially given that an ‘accused’ can just send a stat dec saying they didn’t do it.

This kind of ‘dob in a whatever’ web site is always a fucking stupid idea.

‘+ 1’.

I had a similar thing, one evening riding along Albert Park. The thing was it was near the end and I could see the lights, so i sprinted my A$$ off and caught up to the car.

The guy in the back seat (who had hung out the side and grabbed me was pretending to look another way. so I stuck my head in the car and said “You got a problem?”
And he was all “no” “no mate”, At this stage I was so out of breath. and the Guy in the front passenger side gets out and grabs me and says “yeah I have a problem”

My reply was “Yeah obviously, you seem think it’s ok to hang out of cars and attack people” Thats really when I should have kept my mouth shut really. I had no energy from sprinting and this dude had a warped attitude.

At that point I grabed him and his girlfriend (Who had been driving, but obviously part of it as she had slowed down, and swerved to allow the passenger near me) Jumped out and was convincing the tall dude to leave me alone, as from what she said he had prior assault charge pending or something the rather.

I was lucky cos I was seeing red and to honest I was not really thinking of the consequences. It would not have been good for me as I was out of breath and stuff.

Lesson was, I took some great advice from Chris…
“smile and wave boy’s, Smile and wave”

If it happened again I would take number plate details first,
i would like to say I would behave differently, but when your life has been threatened you don’t think straight.