Cyclist hit by car challenges police over fine, video evidence

I think that this vid and article has been making the rounds today. I know that this only perpetuates the argument on who owns the road, but it’s I think it’s clear from the video evidence that driver was being a douche and trying to be tricky with speeding up and overtaking.

The punishment here only seems like a slap on the wrist and I would’ve thought that something harsher might have been handed.


Cyclist hit by car challenges police over fine, video evidence

Glad he’s okay, and don’t want to make fun of a serious accident - but that scream…


that’s not cool or funny … dude had a compound fracture and lost a litre and half of blood. His leg will be fucked forever. I don’t know if ou’ve ever smashed a bone to pieces but it fuckin’ hurts. a lot.

Bogans boging -
Pretty awful mammals…

Fuck me, those comments there… Humanity is fucked. Also what kind of a name is “dardan”?!

I dunno about the rest of you but that scares the shit outta me. Yesterday, I almost got creamed, for the 3rd time, by a car turning right across the front of me. Once you’ve been hit, you never want to repeat the experience!

i found the video super unsettling. especially the screams. personally i still have thoughts/flashbacks of the moment when i saw a car turning right into my side, in the split second before i went over the bonnet,

Yeah this is fucked, but honestly create all the rules you want but without education for both cyclists and drivers and you will get no where, we have all these bullshit campaigns but why not a cycling related one? Considering we sell more bikes per year in Australia than cars you would think that it would make sense.

But for those not from Brisbane this is a scary ass price of road that I pretty much refuse to ride on these days, it links the city to the main easy coast of Australia hwy, the airport and the biggest industrial area so it’s cars taxis and trucks.

I’ve pretty much accepted that one day I’ll be hit by car riding my bike. I just hope I don’t come off too bad.

That infuriates me. I go off when I hear people drop the ‘cars don’t pay rego’ line. Really gets me worked up.

I have only ever had one very minor run in with a car, it wasn’t pleasant but could’ve been way worse.

I want to get those conversations off facebook, when that many close minded people congregate intellectually, it just increases their stupidity and selfishness for the future.

Could easily have been another Richard Pollett

Seeing this post, with the “Near Misses” thread directly below, and having just read the Seven News FB page comments about how the guy deserved to be hit, I feel sick.

Agree with Dayne’s post though, education is the crux of it.


But a slap on the wrist for ‘follow too close’ is utter bullshit. I hope someone is gonna get a massive arse reaming for not taking a correct statement, too. I know a lot of old school cops, this shit doesn’t fly with the proper cops.

Looks like more than a few peeps on the fb page reminding the brogan element to pull their heads in too, which is good.

I knew I shouldn’t have read the comments.

why do I always read the fucking comments…

wanders off shaking head in disbelief

Comments sections of news sites are only just a step up from those of YouTube.

Surely the most troubling element of this is that someone, possibly associated with the Police, is being reported to have fabricated an official statement…allegedly

I blame Tony Abbott

Newspaper comment threads always remind me of:

I think they are worse. People on news pages think they are being informed, helpful citizens with valuable opinions. Meaning what they say is stupider.

Not even worth looking at youtube comments, unless you need a laugh

Absolutely speechless. what will become of any further investigation on the part of the police or legal action from the cyclist…



I have only just last week started riding to work with a gopro on my bike.
Only a 6km commute on not very busy roads.
The stuff I have shown my girlfriend has horrified her, and that’s the tame edit.