Cyclist hit by car challenges police over fine, video evidence

Apparently the police integrity commission is now on the case.

This is good news. Falsifying a victim’s testimony is fucked. I’m guessing the cop in question wasn’t expecting any sort of scrutiny of the incident. I’m also guessing this shit happens all the time.

‘police integrity commission’

that the scary bit it isnt it, this just happens to be one that got flagged.

All these douches actually endorsing the running over of cyclists, are they just putting on a show over the internet or do they actually think that? Do they realize they are putting someones father/mother/husband/wife/child/etc in danger? Every cyclist has had some close calls with cars overtaking too close, yelling abuse etc but to actually maim someone…don’t these people have a conscience?

according to facebook, most of them have cars for faces so a conscience would be the last thing I’d expect them to have.

makes me so angry…

Also why they don’t do TAC ads about killing a cyclist and then living with the horror, the do everything but cyclists. They’ve done; pedestrians, motorcyclists, texting/distracted driving, drink driving, motorcyclists, microsleeps, headchecks, speeding, drugs, seatbelts, slowing down, running reds, learning to drive.

Check here. Not one advert about cyclists and motor vehicles (unless I’m reading it wrong?)

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