Cyclist killed cnr. Swanston and Bourke

Did anyone see this happen? I rode down Swanston to find a body lying under a bus, a sheet merely tossed over here torso, and her legs/bicycle still exposed. Please take extra care on the roads today everyone. May she rest in peace.

WTF??? What time? Any more details?


Not the thing you want to see first thing in the morning.

Wondered why it was chaos this morning.

So very, very sad. Take care people.


News story developing…

Happened around 8 - which is usually the time I’m on Swanston St. Thank fuck I stopped to change the water in my fish tank this morning and was running late.

That stretch of road has been terrible lately. A bloke was badly injured after being hit by a tram on saturday just outside the cathedral on swanston st.

:frowning: yeah ride safe eveyone

ETA: that article talks more about traffic diversion and disruptions than it does of the actual horror of yet another cyclist dying …

Really sad to hear this first thing in the morning. I noticed the street was closed when I rode to work 15 minutes ago.
Ride safe everyone.

Yeah, I was a bit shocked too. To be fair though, the story was posted at 8:27, so it’s probably unlikely that there was much verifiable information available at that stage other than calling the PT services to see what they were doing about it.

Video interview with Andy on The Age web site.

Spot Andy in the video. Well said mate.

Shit Andy your everywhere
another sad day

those busses on swanston street have always been an accident waiting to happen

This will get interesting throughout the day

My condolences to her friends and family.

It’ll turn into the usual shit fight and everyone will hate cyclists even though she was the victim.

Terrible. Thoughts go to the family.
Take care everyone.

the forum gang at BV dug up the following Melb City Council Planning Committee minutes (pdf) on moving the tourist buses on Swanston St.

(scroll down to point 5.6, Swanston St Tourist Bus Review)

and the report that got the ball rolling (pdf). The feedback here is a good read on several levels - you get to see how ‘community active’ cyclists are getting involved in the process, and how the arguments for and against the proposals change depending on who they’re from. I note with interest Vicroads’ response, and how some of the ‘old school’ attractions to Melbourne are close to south of the Yarra, ie NGV, Botanical Gardens, Fed Sq and all the wonderful things it contains, etc.

Council moved to get rid on them in two years from June 2007. :frowning: Too late for some.

And then they get on to the serious business of reviewing the practice of sending private investigators to ‘investigate’ illegal brothels in Melbourne. What’s CraigC going to do for a living now? :lol:

Also: to paraphrase Godwin’s Law, – “The longer an online discussion about cyclist behaviour gets, the probability of the Hell Ride pedestrian fatality or Critical Mass being mentioned approaches one.” Already happened at the Herald Sun and over at BV.

is anybody else having trouble accessing comments about this on the your say section of the, it says there are 82 comments but only 2 appear

No problems with posting to & reading The Age comments here.

I just read some of the stuff people are saying on the Herald Sun web site. Maggie of Cranbourne was particularly insightful.

The council decided in July 2007 that the tour buses should be moved. At that time, they also decided they would be moved once the Southern Cross redevelopment was completed.

I think that’s due next year sometime.