Cyclist killed in hit and run in West Footscray

Hope it wasn’t a FOA member.

Police hunting for the driver.

that sucks. RIP.

suspect image released - Local: Cyclist killed in hit-and-run at West Footscray, driver flees scene on foot

^ Pretty clear image, shouldn’t take too long to track him down. Fucker.

Was it his car?

i hope he spends a long time in prison

Fuck me, just saw this in the news. RIP.

Rider was from NZ.

arrest made

Book thrown.

Whats the bet the car was reported stolen not long after the accident.
If you flee an accident then the assumption should be that you were on all the drugs.

What drugs make you goose step?

Got 'im.

Let justice be swift and savage (it probably won’t, but…)

An earlier report suggested the ute was recently purchased by the murderer but the transfer of registration had not been completed.

not a smart move to wander back past the site of the accident for a look…

obviously a bright lad.

9 times out of 10 people will later investigate the scene of their crime.

It’s devastating. It was an accident. He made a split-second decision.

Accident? Split-second decision to drive fast enough to push a stationary car 85m and kill a cyclist? Utter fucking bullshit. How do they not understand this half-brained fuckwit ended someone’s life.

Zero sympathy for anyone except the cyclist and cyclist’s family. Throw the book at the scumbag driver.

edit: Not to mention:

He has also been charged with breaching bail.

Props to the person who was quick and brave enough to snap a pic of the c**t as he ran away.

Ohh. That’s not good happen i think it will be arrest soon.