Cyclist rage gets 5 years in the slammer!

Good stuff! We need more of this here in Aust!

A California appellate court has rejected an appeal by Christopher Thompson, the physician who was convicted in 2009 of assaulting two cyclists by intentionally stopping his car directly in front of them.

Thompson was sentenced to five years in prison with no probation. He also was ordered to pay the cyclists’ legal fees of $20,000 each.
Read more… Court rejects appeal in Los Angeles road rage conviction

this is sweet. i ‘adjusted’ some bozos mirror for her earlier today. i figured that the only reason she sandwiched me between hers and another’s car was due to it not being properly adjusted.

thats preety good. but five years in prison? like the guy is a moron for diliberately trying to make cyclists crash into him. but five years in jail…

Yeah, should be 10

With big bubba the master butt fucker!

Seriously? you intentionally try to harm cyclists with 2+ tonne of vehicle. its not like you can do it and think they will get off with light scratches and lesson learnt.

“It’s not the size that counts, it’s how you use it.” what could have happened is the main point.

throwing rocks from an overpass at drivers: small rocks - big disaster/consequences.

Deliberately running into a cyclist is the same as walking up to someone and stabbing them in the heart. They may live they may not. Could really go either way. Politely explained this to a motorist one day and surprisingly he saw where I was coming from ’ oh yeah, hadn’t really thought of it like that’

The cvnt had form. Repeat offender. And 5 years for attempted murder is fuck all.

With some acid in the eyes.

far out…much respect to that lady for her decision given the circumstances.

Just so I’m understanding this correctly- the motorist in this case went in front of the cyclists and braked heavily causing them to crash into him- is that right?
Although a terrible thing to do, perhaps it is slightly less worse than actually driving into a cyclist. Or am I missing something here?

I haven’t read the article but if that is the case i’m surprised the charges stuck. If someone is in front of you and they brake, no matter how heavily or purposefully it is your fault for not allowing enough room in front of you for emergency situations. If he screamed around the cyclist, pulled in front then jamed on the brake then that might be a little easier to have a go at if there’s whitnesses.

He not only screamed around them, pulled in front and then slammed on the brakes, but he admitted it was deliberate, screaming afterwards that it was to teach them a lesson for riding two-abreast.

So I’m comfortable saying it should be treated the same as any other deliberately hitting of someone with your vehicle.

I’d imagine the second scenario is what happened, much like what happened in Sydney a few years back with Ben Kersten and Kate Nichols (reference).

That’s what I’d classify as attempted murder. 5yrs is freek’n lite.

Except that the driver in the Kersten/Nichols et al case got bugger-all punishment after intentionally hitting them and driving off.

“The magistrate, Chris Clisdell, gave Bakr the benefit of the doubt yesterday, fining him $1200 after finding him guilty of failing to stay within his lane, negligent driving and failing to supply particulars at an accident.”
Driver denies trying to run cyclists off road - National -

After being at a nightclub all night, I imagine he may well have failed a blood test, too.
Good one, Aussie justice system.

Seems like a really weak story and I’m surprised the magistrate bought it.

“As he neared the front of the cycling pack he tried to accelerate, but his car backfired and he moved into the left lane with his hazard lights on, at which point he accidentally pushed the gear into park rather than neutral, which pulled the car to a sudden stop. Then, surrounded by irate cyclists, he felt intimated and made a dash for it.”

I always thought that putting an auto transmission in ‘park’ at any real speed, if it’s even possible, would not cause the wheels to lock up.

edit: perhaps im thinking of reverse…

strike one, generally speaking you are correct, but what he did would be classed as dangerous or neg driving, regardless of whether it was a car or cyclist that rear ended him.

edit: and doing it with intent to harm = fuck off and get raped for 5 years ₪₪₪₪hole

Not necessary.