Cyclist Stabs Dog and Owner Link

This is a sickening story of animal cruelty and an out right head case of a man, but the comments below it are just as disturbing. More bad media for “cyclists”.

Would be interested to know if it’s a “cyclist” or a “dude on a bike”. Big difference, imo.

is the difference the same for
“motorist” or a “dude in a car”
“pedestrian” or a “dude walking on the footpath”?

by the description of the perp, we should be on the lookout for this character.

took less than a handful of comments on the vox pop before it turned from a story about a stabbing to “rego for cyclists” etc etc

gotta love this town :rolleyes:

This is scary. Everyone should take extra care nowadays.

And you should take care to not spam forums to spruik your business. To help you out, I’ve removed all the spamminess from your profile and sig.

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just to play devil’s advocate, i’d shit my pants too if i saw that dog running for me. i don’t however carry a shiv

Let this be a lesson. If you’re gonna stick someone, do it on foot.

At least the dog is ok.

Graham of Bendigo Posted at 4:44 PM May 09, 2011

Sad story and I hope the dog is OK, but the owner needs to take responsibility and keep the dog on a lead. Regardless of how friendly the dog may be, what sort of reaction do you expect when a bulldog runs towards you??

Read more: Cyclist stabs ‘friendly’ dog, then owner in Dandenong park |

… ride away?

Personal connection - victim/owner is my wife’s friend’s father, all doing well now apparently.

For the copper to say:
“Senior Constable Michael van Hamond said Hank would more likely lick someone to death than attack. “It’s just such a placid dog and to do this to a dog is ridiculous. Its a hell of a nice dog,” he said.”

I’m tipping it’s a pretty cruisy dog.