cyclist sues cops

That NYC guy that was body-checked by cop is back in the news

Apparently the cop was fired, not for what he did but for making a false report about it.

‘Technicality’ :expressionless:

Still, the bastard is getting sued for $1 mill… haha

how was that incident even worthy of 1.5million dollars?
Was the guy even injured?!?

Mental anguish. :lol:

you gotta sue for massive amounts then get whittled down to a sum which is agreeable to both parties. and that fuckstain deserves to get sued.
that’s the kind of person they let join the police force?

in NY that kind of person is the police force…

i’ll save my comments on the litigious nature of north america for another place. but as someone once said to me over there: “if you sue for what its really worth you wont get taken seriously” :roll: