Cyclists don't sleep around?

Quote: Attributes in women that predict sex on the first date are: medium drinker, interest in cars and spends time in bars, while the attributes in women that don’t predict sex on the first date are being a teetotaler and having an interest in bicycling.

Attributes in men that predict sex on the first date are being a medium drinker and smoking, while those not apt to have sex on the first date don’t drink, don’t smoke and have an interest in cycling.

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linked to the arguement that cyclists have a higher rate of erectile disfunction?

i’m in between. what do i get?

this doesn’t apply to most of the ones I know…

I don’t sleep around, but I drink and smoke a heap. In between, like the YAMS up there. But probably inverted.

I’d say that an inability to get dates has more of an impact than my interest in cycling.

Just too shagged out from bicycling? That’s my excuse.

being old and having a face like an unmade bed…that’s probably not helping either.

I think its the whole rocking up to pick up some fine young lass for a date on your pushy then expecting her to just jump on the bars and be merrily dinked across town in her friday night finest.

Maybe cyclists don’t date and prefer to pay by the hour for sex?

Maybe cyclists aren’t a bunch of fucking whores and instead value meaningful relationships over shitty one-night stands with fat people who like cars and smoke?

*touched a nerve!!!

I had a one night stand with the same woman twice. The 2nd time I found myself waking up in a familiar room, and made escape onto the street to try and work out where I was and how I’d get home only to realize I’d been there before., years after the first time. Neither of us knew and or could remember that we’d actually met before.

Shortly thereafter I booked a round the world ticket and set sail overseas for nearly a decade. New horizons :wink:

haha great, but chicks on bikes generally get extra points from me, like a 6 will be an 8, 8s a 9 etc, the relationship tends towards being parabolic, and i believe the fact that i thought that is why i am not dating anyone

Just a shitty day. Rants help dull the pain.

Oh I know full well what you mean. I’ve been thinking about missed opportunities all fucking day, and then this thread pops up. Bang! I won’t go into those kinda details, but if I were the type of guy to cheat on my gf, I could be living on Phillip island in a theater. Just sayin’.

‘yes, for the love of god, someone please have sex with the dungeon master’

LOLZ! I think anyone who mentions that they have an “interest in cycling” on a first date only has themselves to blame for lucking out when it comes to getting it on. My advice: just keep it to yourself, ditto goes for stamp collecting. :slight_smile:


Would you have dated this person when among the living - yes - FCUK THAT GHOST