cyclists nose

Do you ever look like this? I went for a ride last week, it was sunny so I had the big sunnies with lots of invisible zinc on my nose. But then I always need to blow my nose or wipe away snot and unless I stop and re-apply then I get sunburned. I’ve already had a basal cell carcinoma cut out from up there so it’s a serious issue for me. But I see lots of pros with this look.

maybe I should get something like this…

or this

On second thoughts, I think I’d rather get cancer and die.

Have improvised similar with beer mats.

Wish I could upload photos, just finished four long days of cycling and didn’t take sunscreen.

I have a red, flakey nose and rosey red cheeks.

I don’t get burnt but I definitely get the glasses tan lines.


Not so much sunburn but endless snot rockets